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VU Meter for Car (LED's that flash to the music)

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Anyone know where I could buy one of these. I found some diagrams to build your own, but look to complicated... Or does anyone know some simple diagrams. Here is a video if people are not sure what these are....

Sable Nave

Sable Nave


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Streetglow makes an interface for that

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I was looking to do some spectrum analyzers I think would look cooler but like you I don't know how.

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I think i'd be cool to have green/amber/red interior lighting and use the vue meter to change the lighting in the car dependent on the intensity of the music. :D -Drew
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I made some of these once- single bar that was meant for levels. Green on bottom, yellow in middle, red on top. They worked- but mine were wired so you could put them on the amps output. The amps didn't like it too much and made the speakers sound vile, so off they went.

Easier to just buy one- and that isn't something I say very often.

If not mistaken, I used something like this:

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Easier, not much elements, cheap

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Haha, you are all wrong on this... There's no interface controlling all of those at all, those are the neon tubes you buy from like autozone places that have a sound interface built in. On every one of them they have an sensitivity control, it looks to me like the guy has 4 of them in a line and the sensitivity is adjusted from soft to hard as it goes up on each one. Just get a couple of those music interface neon tubes and adjust the knob on them in accordance to how you want it to work.
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