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  2. For driving a relay, a 1 amp diode will work fine. *Any 12v light will work, up to 30A per relay.
  3. I had to use a 45 degree power plug adapter and 45 degree audio jack plug to make it fit within the space there.
  4. https://www.ebay.com/itm/AK2515-VFD-Music-Audio-Spectrum-15-Level-Indicator-VU-Meter-Screen-/372379586431?hash=item56b38d8f7f Its a AK2515 VFD Music Audio Spectrum 15 Level Indicator VU Meter Screen
  5. I haven't forgot about this thread guys. The build is coming. It's getting all new brakes, oil leak repaired and the motor mounts checked on it now. Once its mechanically sound we will get started. I have the place picked out in Houston to go get legit Baltic from and once I get it shelled out I'm gonna go visit with @WalledSonic to see if there is any chance of fitting a 6th order. I highly doubt it but we will see. Things will come together quickly once I make the car safe to handle this equipment.
  6. I'll give it a try.. my other system is a sealed box takes a lil overlap to get that shit moving.. old habits die hard.
  7. Thanks for all the help. I apologize for the 99 questions. I was also wondering if any led will work or is there a specific brand or type to look for and what size amp diode would I need
  8. Locks and latches done broke off the tonnuea cover . Driver side mirror all tapped up . Broke off .
  9. thanks I would think it would work fine with home/pro stuff but wanted to check. I hope some one with more info will chime in.
  10. 1 diode & spdt relay. No parasitic draw & no feedback with a switch. For negative dome light trigger 30 = 12v output to light 87a = N/A 87 = 12v 85 = 12v 86 = negitive door trigger input & negative switched, diode isolate door trigger wire at relay. Anode side facing relay For positive dome light trigger 30 = 12v output to light 87a = N/A 87 = 12v 85 = ground 86 = positive door trigger input & positive switched, diode isolate door trigger wire at relay. Cathode side facing relay There are other ways to wire it up without a diode, but that depends on how much current your dome light circuit can provide, this is why i didnt show 87a.
  11. I think I'm starting to get it. I was reading somewhere it can be also done with toggle switch and diode.
  12. That makes a lot of sense, and thank you for all the information, I’m lacking in this department. and 3/4 is a lot cheaper here.
  13. Found it Jay Park - FSU ft. GASHI, Rich The Kid
  14. -10db is dangerous. 0db is the safest, especially if you listen to boosted/slowed stuff. I personally run my stuff at 0, and I've noticed a handful of the demo songs I use are closer to -1db, so using a -10 to set your gains would be a whole lot of clipping action. Unless you're competing, I'd suggest using a 0db tone to set gains. You might leave a little on the table as far as potential, but you're less likely to blow stuff up lol.
  15. 85 is the power from the toggle switch. Basically you're using the toggle to activate the relay the same way you would if you were just using it to activate the light. You'll have power in to the switch, power out to the relay, and a ground for the switch if it's illuminated. If it doesn't have a light for the switch, you won't have a ground.
  16. Yesterday
  17. If you are looking for wider bandwidth, and it sounds like you are, the parallel-tuned 6th order is most likely going to do that better. You are certainly correct about being concerned with the peak the 4th order has. You can ROUGHLY approximate what cabin gain is going to do by adding a filter into WinISD like this: See how it looks with the filter. Keep in mind that peaks can be reduced very effectively though EQ. If you are concerned about frequency response a DSP is the best $100 you can spend on your system.
  18. You can use MDF if you want, though I would argue that a quality plywood has its benefits. What I was mainly referring to is that you wanted to use 1" thick material. A sheet of 1" MDF weighs about 120 lbs. It absolutely sucks to work with. All the extra weight isn't gaining you much either. You would be much better off with 3/4" MDF and using the weight you saved vs 1" material to add bracing and doubling up on certain panels that would actually benefit from being two layers thick.
  19. Once i get off work I’ll measure to see. Tons of room since I took out 3ird row seats. No mdf? So we talking like 7 or 11 ply birch? Havent built a box since high school some odd 15 years ago lol.
  20. Unless you already have a pile of 1" MDF you want to use up, there is no good reason to use 1" MDF. Zero. None. What are the max dimensions of your space?
  21. Just wondering if anyone had info on a nice box build for 2 skar audio vxf 12s goin in a 2015 Chrysler 200
  22. Just gave both a try . The pf cable at 37hz 18db did its job very well . The pf mod set at 35hz 12db slope I really was enjoying much more until I ran a few lower bass drop songs and felt like it was getting below tuning.. strange thing played some DJ rusty over phones bluetooth off YouTube bass sounds great with the 35hz but then played CD of jeezy put on and sounded like subs was flapping lol...gains set on two kicker zx1000.1 with dd1 at -10db...
  23. Nice. Ima check some of these out, but... How did you put a playlist in the post?
  24. Good choices. Never heard Joe Bonamassa, but I put on Slow gin n it sounded real nice on mine too.
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