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  2. B2 grade will potentially have holes that need to be filled. Dibo, how do you feel about oak ply? My local mill is out of all decent Birch AND MDF! ugh..... They do have MDO but it's expensive.
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  4. Don't waste your time with home Depot or Lowe's birch. Find somewhere to get 13ply Baltic Russian Birch
  5. I have to drive 20 min to lowes. A local hardware store says they Carry Birch Plywood B2 grade. Will this work?
  6. Hello all this is my first post . I have been out of car audio for 12+ years , I just recently got sparked back up and picked up a new head unit , amp and prefab box with a 12" sub I have a couple of quick questions on some set up , I do not have a distortion detector and really dont have the change to spend on one right now but do plan to when my budget allows for it . I understand this could be the root of my problem and if not certainly does not help the situation so be easy on me please . I set my gain by ear , and also used a multi meter with the formula to double check with my volume of the hedunit set at 25/35 or 75% with a 40hz test tone from youtube . My main concern is , i only really get pretty good bass on bass boosted tracks from youtube , normal songs dont really even hit that well. If i play a normal unedited song it just really sounds no different then a stock premium audio system in most newer vehicles . Even when i use these tracks my clipping varies and the sub will get smelly so i turn it down . Gray areas i need help with , setting LPF , and Subsonic filter . And also im using Bluetooth through my headunit to play audio not sure if that is preferred or should i use aux , or usb? Any words of wisdom or help is greatly appriciated . The equipment im using is as follow Kenwood Excelon kdc-502 headunit Digital Designs DM500a monoblock rated at 500w rms @ 1 ohm Digital Designs LE-m12 prefab enclosure with 12"subwoofer it is wired at 1 Ohm
  7. Going to be getting another dc5k yeah yeah so psyched. Not to figure out how to fit another one in there

  8. COD:MW Open Alpha Free....Now...This weekend

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    2. Wishuponasub


      Movement is good. The game is realistic so no crazy jumping. You jump but like a normal human. To be honest it's pretty crazy how real it is. I like it. So far from what I can tell its gonna be a slower pace rather than run n gun. Idk it's different and I think I like. But as far as how the game looks and plays its freaking legit.

    3. Wishuponasub


      And yeah beta is sep 12 and release is in oct.

    4. Kyblack76


      Welp, that's good to hear.... I wont even get home till around 730-8.. and 4am comes fast in the am, but I'll try to squeeze in a few rounds/games. 

  9. IIRC Jacob had a v3 ready to go but scrapped it for some reason i can’t recall. There are some pictures of it out there, looked like a monster!
  10. I have a taramps HD3000 and im not surprised with your issue lol Taramps does come with a bassknob looking thing that has a power, clip, and protect light on it. Tune to clipping with the included lights if you cannot find a better answer from someone who knows more about tuning taramps with the SMD dd unrelated but be careful where you mount taramps or any amplifier with those fans built in, they are sucking in crap that sits on the board and becomes conductive overtime, shorting the amplifier even if the car is off.
  11. four 15's cant see no wires then he heard boom from the amplifiers

  12. No this is not right section.. the for sale section is labeled for sale their is 2 categories car related and non and a set of rules you need to read
  13. sound qubed , skar audio, sundown 3 brands here thatI know have you tube vids too
  14. So I am wondering can the agm and lithium be ran together? My d3400 I had for the back kinda just gave up, I was thinking about getting a limitless 25ah to run with my xs xp3000 for my back bank. So just wanna make sure can run them together with no issues.
  15. Any help is good so nobody gets hurt for wrong posts lmao..
  16. Need help om selling some good car audio subs but need to kno if im in the right section
  17. That seems kinda fcked up I better send that POS back You got any other recomendation for an amp at 2k rms at 1ohm? (probably won't be able to find it in europe tho) Otherwise i'll probably go with a ground zero if they put reliable power ratings on their products And thanks for saving me from a headache i apreciate it
  18. Tony has a few posts in this not sure what section but if I remember right the thd on then is like 3% and there is no proper output filter or something son they cause noise
  19. I have a Mitsubishi eclipse convertible what is a good set up for my car? Amp,speakers,everything that I would need. I have no clue as to what is good and what is bad. I just wanna thump n rock.help
  20. Ok thanks! Can anyone recommend a sub for this enclosure? Something in the 1500-2000 watt range?
  21. Sup, been long time... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-X7ZlXnnbjE
  22. should be about 2.41ft3 @ 34hz without sub displacement
  23. The box was originally built for a FI btl neo. I wound up selling the sub before I installed it but I am considering getting another one. Or a Q mostly old school hip hop with some decaf sprinkled in and some country.
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