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  3. doin emails currently but have no idea who i'm talking to. gonna hit them up again tomorrow as our last communication was friday and havent heard anything back yet.
  4. Good deal. Dump the 10s, (god I hate 10" anything drivers) and recone to 12s or 15s, Good luck. Talk to Dan or Brian for asap recones.
  5. I'm in the same boat. Looking for a set for around 150-200$. Considering the Morel Maximo 6's
  6. CES Is legit, they're exceptional quality and have A+++ customer service!
  7. Another question i have after playing around with winisd is, how come making the box bigger gives you more spl? Making the box bigger makes you louder ?
  8. May i ask you very knowledgeable gentlemen a couple of questions please? I have a 1993 ford bronco and I am trying to install a python 5305p dome light supervision. My dome light supervision wire is black/yellow (-) 200 mA and my (-) door input is green and my (+) door input is violet my dome light door switch on the bronco is black/blue that goes from negative when door closed to positive when door is open the other side of the switch wire is green/yellow it is positive when door is open or closed. How do i wire in a relay to operate the dome light supervision? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking some of your time to read this. My name is Jimmy, I have a Python 5305P remote start, alarm & keyless entry with a 2 way LCD remote and a regular 1 way remote. I have the keyless entry and the alarm wired in and working correctly. But I am having a problem getting the remote starter wired in correctly and getting it to work properly. I have the wiring diagram for the unit and the wiring diagram for my Bronco but im not sure that i am choosing the right wires to connect together in the proper sequence because it doesn't work no matter how i try to wire it. I live in Siler City NC. How much would it cost to just have the remote starter part wired up correctly and make sure it works properly there are only 9 wires in the 10 pin harness that need to be wired one pin slot is empty and there is one out of the other nine that is optional? Or could someone please tell me exactly where each of the wires in the 10 pin harness connects to under the steering column. I have a color chart for my factory wires and the color chart for the 10 pin harness for the remote starter. I just need to know which wires connect to each other please. I am permanently disabled and any help would be greatly appreciated because I live on a very limited income and this remote start is going to help me in many ways to be able to start my bronco and have the climate control set to make it more comfortable for me and i want have to make extra trips in and out to start it manually.
  9. Hey guys, would like some opinions on this company's sub range. Im in the uk so edge a d vibe are kind of my go too. We can get sundown and alphard audio here but there kind of hard to get a hold on. http://edgecaraudio.com I was gun a go for this 18" model in the boot of my seat altea. Box design will come later on as im selling my 2 15's atm. Want low end spl from high 20hz to mid 30hz. http://edgecaraudio.com/en/subwoofers/eds18d2-e7 running a 1500 rms amp @ 1 OHM. Any advice, opinions are greatly appreciated.
  10. i run 3 of the 370 amp ces alternators, there good. I have a 270 amp CES alt im gonna put in in place of the stock soon. just waitin on the plug for external regulation. been running the 3 370s for over a year now. no issues. I did have some 400 amp fuses melt and cooked rectifiers on 2 of the 370s, sent them in and CEs repaired them and sent back out the day they got to him. I have also ran a 320 amp mechman hairpin, i had a cpl issues over the years with that 1 though
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  12. I have those instructions. The white turn on trigger stays hot. Correction, my turn on wire is yellow. I don’t have a grey and black wire, mine is white and black. Thermometer wire, cluster of wires in black tubing (red, yellow and black) 20 or 22 awg and a 16 awg black and white wire.
  13. Here is the actual link https://www.motorauthority.com/news/1114375_saleen-s7-lm-revealed-with-1300-horsepower-1m-price-tag
  14. OH MAN...the link went dead.....The article says the price tag to buy these 1,300 HP Saleen S7's is $1,000,000 each for the 10 being built!!!
  15. Know that struggle. Happens to a lot of people i know. Even happened to me when i was trying to fit a bigger group battery in the engine bay =( Ended up with similar 7x AH. lol
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