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  3. Connect that clip indicator to the amp and leave it beside the amp and turn the gain all the way down and then go to your head unit and turn the volume to the highest volume level that you listen to and then play a 40 hz test tone off your cellphone and then go back to the amp and creep the gain up while the tone is playing until you see the clip indicator go off and when you see it go off, turn back a hair until it goes off. Then your amp’s gain is set. And remember that any volume over the volume that you set the gain will have clipping. Some people set their amp’s gain with the head unit all the way up, full tilt, but I don’t see why because unless you’re gonna be listening to your head unit full tilt then it’s pointless. So tune it at the highest desired listening volume and don’t play it over that volume. Clipping (distortion) is the number one culprit of blowing subwoofers. Some people think they blew their subwoofers from feeding it too many watts when truly it was fed too much distortion aka clipping.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion, I alre already have the threaded inserts so it's just a matter of getting a couple 3" bolts.
  5. Hi, I will soon order a taramps smart 3 for my subwoofer, I wanted to know what was the best method to adjust the gain on this amplifier, that is with the subwoofer connected / disconnected, with a multimeter or simply using the clip LED on the monitor of the 'amps. Thanks to all bassheads!
  6. Seems no matter how you position the box in the trunk, the same output is presented. I have tested it by puttin the box in the tire well firing every possible direction, it still outputs the same disturbing low freqs. I just want to set that car on fire. The Front System is a 16,5cm component one. When I set that to play the lows only, they output such a clean and enjoyable bass. It's only when the sub comes into play it ruins everything. When the sub is on the back seat it seems better but it's still not enough, it still seems it plays muddy on some songs so... what I thought yesterday is again an illusion. It seems no matter where you put the goddamn thing, it will always have some kind of disturbance. So since bass from Front system is clean, I thought about disconnecting it and then connecting the sub bridged. I would get 350W. Maybe after all these sloppy "diagnostics" and ideas I got to were half true and maybe it's the JL amplifier the culprit? My ears are done with that bass sound, I hate it. I am going to go cold turkey on listening music in this car. I hate this car
  7. Sounds like a bit of bottoming out. Sounds like noise from the former due to spiders undone and hitting pole piece, or bottoming out.
  8. I’m sure it happens but 2 bad subs is pretty rare, pull them out maybe free air them both and since there new call Skar .
  9. Advance Auto has these that’s what I used I know U don’t need the hold down but the threaded rod worked great and it’s 6 bucks.
  10. The doors are getting a little closer to completion. Still waiting on some items from the CNC guy. He screwed up our plexiglass so he had to order some and is waiting on it to come in.
  11. A little seat bracket work to get everything just right. And im assumimg by the back window is to add rigidity to the entire truck. The box is being used for strength as well.
  12. Nothing too crazy but all spots where the toolbox is meeting the bed.......
  13. Yeah thats what I ended up doing. I probably should've made the opening bigger towards 300sqin so I could play with bigger ports, but i Figured 260 is a safe spot.
  14. Because I didn’t watch the video until like 20 minutes ago and when I first got on this thread, like 3 hours ago, I just read what you posted but after watching that video and then you saying at peaks it makes the noise screams to me, CHECK THE SPIDERS!
  15. Then that’s probably a noise of (a) spider(s) that came unglued. Take the subwoofers out of the enclosure and check the spiders thoroughly, like apply pressure all the way around the spiders with your fingers and play with the cone pushing it back and forth to properly diagnose the spiders and check back in. Because that’s what I think it is. Skar will replace it if it’s a manufacture defect.
  16. Watch a video, easy to find. You have to research and learn. Being told and not shown isn't the best way imo
  17. Second week of work so progress is slowing down. The wife's birthday was last Friday so we rented a 22' motor home to drive up to Chena Hot Springs. Awesome place, rented 4 wheeler s, mountain bikes, paddle boat and a lot of soaking in the springs. Working on trunk lid still. All cleaned up and ready for sound treatment. Just getting started. Another view, little areas can be a pain in the ass. I ran out of product, ordered another box of secondskins. Should be here next week. The plan is to use Secondskin acoustic foam to fill these holes up before the lid gets covered in Soundskin. Oh the layers.... This came in Friday.... It wasn't easy to find one that would fit. But this fits perfect!!! At 6 7/8" i couldn't be happier with it. I took a lot of searching and then praying it would work. I was going to build this out of wood and paint it but there is always a better way, it just takes time and thought. Now i can use threaded inserts and a long bolt that will look nice, Maybe even a metal sleeve around the bolts. We will see when i get there.
  18. Well how should I wire them to get the most out of the subs and amp??
  19. Both subs make the noise and they are brand new. Headunit is stock with the bass turned down (default is the middle), bass boost isn't being used at all. It plays clean on songs with long tones, just on the peaks does the noise happen. Like if I play a test tone, pausing it and pressing play makes the noise at the very beginning and stops immediately and plays cleanly.
  20. Hey if your going to do the bowling ball, let me just give you one pointer..... Keep the heat right at the edge of the pipe, especially at first until the edge start to curl away from the ball. If you heat too much of the pipe at one time, it will try to buckle further down. Of course if you screw it up, you can always cut off the lip, sand it flat and try again. Did you find those 6" riser tubes ? You can get those 6" x 24" for like $8.99 @ Home Depot or Lowe's.
  21. I’ve been meaning to ask you. What ohm load are the voice coils on that neo elite?
  22. The space is strange with the high back seats and with the angle of the rear hatch. Something is causing the issue of the wave of the sub. More subs, up firing and up ported with more power.
  23. Your final ohm load will be 3 ohms so wattage will be between 2 & 4 ohms from the amp.
  24. Here you can see the complete dashboard that will show you the dimensions of the ports if you were going to build them. I will be making a dedicated screen for those who want to make an hexagon or octagon port with graphics to explain what dimensions to use. Other wise you can just look at the dimensions to build the rectangular port (each side is the same) or the circular ports by the given diameter. I also added for shits and giggles an 80% circular port area for those who want to skimp on their area because they have a more efficient port
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