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  2. Dear ministryman, 6 dedicated drivers on axis in a large room with a distant enclosure is one thing but having all that in your car is a whole different story, especially if your goal is somewhat for SQ. As far as i can remember, most modern studios prefer most of the sound to come from a pair of high end 2 way on axis drivers just to achieve a flat point source sound with good image and minimal to no beaming/cancellation, something us car audio fanatics deal with quite often. Something to think about here, alot of (not all) mediocre and even high end drivers dont just sound good out of the box, the passive xovers do more than some think such as impedance stability near FS, phase alignment between the drivers and actually having a roll-off that matches the sensitivity and phase, so when you drop in 6 drivers crossed at different frequencies it will likely be a PITFA to set up especially if in active and you have no plan on how to align everything. hope everyone is having a great day!
  3. Not to mention if you are using different brand drivers they are not going to sound the same so the tone is going to be off between brands... maybe or may not be noticeable.. but I know in my H.T set up even the difference series of the same brand I can tell a slight difference
  4. First match of the year on Sunday. This should be ugly. I’ve fired less than a hundred rounds since last October. Lol
  5. Shit this would be easiest. And probably most effective id run a midbass. 6.5 or 8, 4 " midrange and then whatever tweeter thats in your budget
  6. http://www.reyaudio.com/large-e.html These are 2 ways used in studios to make the music we listen to, if you think a 5 way, 7 way or something more complex is better, then be my guest and learn the hard way. EDIT: I would run a set of 5 1/4" comps with some midbass drivers and leave it at that.
  7. I understand what you are trying to do, but there is one thing that has been COMPLETELY left out of this equation ... vehicle in question for install. Unless you build a complete custom dash, every vehicle has it’s limits. Hence making “ less is more” work to perfection.
  8. The K.I.S.S. rule applies more than ever in complex audio systems, and there are reasons car manufacturers use oval speakers in a system to cover as broad a range as possible. I once thought about multiple drivers in a setup as your wanting to try, but quickly ran into issues with crossover points where you could have holes and peaks and driver issues themselves. A single driver is the xanadu people have sought to achieve for decades without success.
  9. Well, I have looked at midbass woofers that have accordion style surrounds thinking that this would be better suited, but those I have asked concerning this sound really didn't have any understanding. Snowdrifter suggested a shallow mount sub, and it makes sense. PRV looked like they had some really good speakers for this range, but they are all 8 ohm. If I could find a similar driver that was 4 ohm, I would be much happier.
  10. Yes, I am going for SQ. Your crossover point is very correct. I have purchased a phase meter, and a CC1 to ensure proper tuning. I had not considered a shallow mount sub, but it makes sense as I sit here pondering the rapid shift in the higher bass frequency range. The specs on the Skar 6.5 PAX said that it could cover this range, but the application says differently. They got a rattle in them lower than 200 or so.
  11. Im using a 6.5 mid to cover 80-500hz bigger doesnt always mean better. And unless you have time alignment having so many drivers is going to hurt the sound
  12. I don’t think a subwoofer is your best bet for that frequency range regardless of its size. Not that you listen to advice.
  13. Having that much frequency differentiation between drivers, would I be correct in assuming you're going for an SQ build? Too many drivers can actually make things way WAY harder for tuning. Some of the best setups I've heard were 4 ways. Sub, midbass in the door, then a ~3" midrange and tweeter on the A pillar. I'm not sure how much you'd have to gain by adding more as you'd spend all your time fighting phase shift / cancellation due to crossover behavior. To answer your question, 80-250 is generally well covered by a 6.5" or 8" shallow mount sub
  14. Clarity, and power. For me at least. after amplifying speakers that cover a wide range of frequencies, I have noticed how muddy the sound gets as I turn it up. Now, it could just be that I have purchased cheap speakers. Which is entirely possible. Skar isn't the greatest quality I suppose, but it is what I have purchased. As I stated in my original post, when I turn up the volume on the 6.5's they begin to rattle at frequencies lower than 250. I want the midbass, and I am getting some 8's to play it. I will have the entire audible frequency range covered with a 15" sub (20-80hz), 8" (80-250hz), 6.5" ( 250-3khz), and super tweets (3khz-20khz). I understand some are saying other speakers may cover certain ranges better than others. Without doubt. You can spend 1000's on full range drivers that play all the whole audible frequency range. But I have what I have. The DD1 and CC1 will ensure that I tune them properly.
  15. Butt hurt? lol. No I'm not butt hurt, and I appreciate the time everyone has taken to correct me. I have always been one to learn anything the hard way. I want a 4 way system, and a 4 way system I will build. I know there is a lot of experience in car audio here. This is why I came here to ask my question. My question was fairly straight forward. What size driver should I use to amplify the bass frequency range of 80-250hz. The best answers I got for this was an 8 inch driver, and for this I thank you all. To tell me I am wrong fro building a 4 way system is like telling me I am wrong for putting salt on my watermelon. It is simply a matter of taste, or hearing in this case. There are tones that I want to hear over others, and specific drivers amplify these tones better than others. But again, I thank you for taking the time to comment and\or instruct me. Hopefully, this build will not blow up in my face. Have a good 1
  16. I would think a 3 way setup accompanied with subs would be optimal for sound quality and simplicity. However, most only go for a 2 way setup and subs since that is 1. cheaper 2. easier 3. passive crossover friendly I have never heard of a 6 way setup with subs ( 7 way essentially) seems like a mess to setup, let alone tune ! Also aren't crossovers not exact points? they have roll offs do they not? so I fail to see how having all those sets of frequency ranges require so many speakers when at the end of the day it is going into a vehicle and not a 100,000 sound room with special walls that are optimal for sound to travel to an observer. again why 7 when you could have 3 with a sub???
  17. I know what it is. This component is used to divide your signal into 6 different channels so that you can amplify a driver, or set of drivers within 6 different frequency ranges which proves my point. You may feel that it is too complicated to do a 4 way sound system over a 3 way...smh, but that doesn't make it incorrect. However, I appreciate all your suggestions and care for my car audio desires. From what lil bit I could gather here, an 8 inch driver would be best suited to fit my needs. I was in-between an 8 inch, and a 10 inch. I am going to purchase to 8's and cross them at 80hz and filter them at 250hz. I will probably go with Skar Audio VVXv3. or ZVXv2 which was suggested to me by the techs at Skar who understood what I was looking for in my quest for loud, clear sound reproduction. Skar is one of the few manufacturers that label all their drivers operating frequency ranges. I was looking at a set of SoundQubed 8's because they fit my power level perfectly, but unfortunately the frequency range spec is not listed and the tech did not know them. Have a great day, and turn it up!
  18. Look man, don't get butt hurt because people aren't telling you what you want to hear. There are a couple things you need to understand about this place. There is a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience here. The vast majority of members (including myself) are going to genuinely try to help you. Sometimes helping a person takes the form of telling them they are doing it wrong when they can't recognize that for themselves. The purpose of that piece of equipment is to separate a fool from his money. Products such as that are like fishing lures. Fishing lures aren't designed to catch fish. Fishing lures are designed to catch a fisherman's money. If the way you want to do things was as superior as you seem to think it is then there should be plenty of easy to find examples of well-performing systems that were designed that way. An absence of examples of systems like that should tell you something.
  19. Onkyo TX-NR676 receiver and Pioneer Andrew Jones collection. Not the way 7.1 was mean to be setup since everything is all in front, but it still sounds good to me. If/when we re-arrange the living room, I'll see how well we can position everything for an actual surround setup
  20. 2 and 3 way are the correct way. And if you dont know what that device is, you should be telling up were wrong because i knkw what it is Make this easier on yourself and listen to people that know what theyre talking about
  21. So after I woke up and checked on my package^^^^^^ turns out my living room big screen took a dump. Called Best buy cuz we got the warranty lol. Now that I lost my beloved COD I went out and started working on the car before work. In my excitement before I had made an oversight in the alternator mounting location. I could still mount it there but I would need to eliminate all future left turns lmao. So I dug a little deeper and removed one of the brackets that was there just for the ac compressor. The alt will now fit in place normally I just have to figure out a way to mount it. Things should steamroll along after this alt.
  22. I'm glad there are some out there that get it. If a 2 way, or 3 way works for you guys, that's great. Put some power on it. Fortunately, there are some manufacturers out there that understand sound. Can anyone explain the purpose of this piece of equipment, and others like it? https://smile.amazon.com/DS18-XM6LD-Crossover-Subwoofer-Control/dp/B01HGOXOIW/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=5+way+active+crossover&qid=1555699763&s=gateway&sr=8-2
  23. I've been busy busy busy guys. Haven't had time to even look at the car again but I came across a good deal and had to scoop it up. I bought these to use as a battery delete up front but they are a WHOLE lot bigger than I thought they were. So enough yapping...... I have spoke with CES about some of my plans for my alternator and I think I have it figured out how I'm gonna mount it.
  24. 16.5Hx32Wx17.5D 2.75Hx15Wx24L side port (41.25in²) .75 material 3.13ft³@ 34.02 Hz If you raise the enclosure to 17H you'd be at 3.25ft³ and 33.30hz
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