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  2. slybu

    RE Audio 35.1d

    yea it doesnt look like a 1500w from the internals, i think there were other amps that used the same board at the time. shame im not in the US otherwise i could have sent the amp to bigD to get it dynoed. im sure many people would be interested in the results.
  3. alphard audio apm's.
  4. only just now seing this post I always say thank you in a comment when i get help. You are right I have been here long but I honestly never knew the importance of the link or thanks. I also never knew that you gain any sort of points from me doing it or I would have been doing that to all the ones who have helped me in the past. Apologies. Didnt think this was like facebook or youtube where likes mattered that much.
  5. Well shoot, the replies are as conflicting as the thoughts in my head already were. I have experience with a couple SA series builds which is why I was looking at Sundown for this, those builds blew me away for what they had into them.. I was hoping to keep the cost of the sub down because I overspent on the amp after learning it'd counter the factory crossover. I might suck it up and spend more than planned on the sub too but I'll take some time to think about it. I have a Punch HX2 in a prefab to use in the meantime after I install the amp on Sunday. Thank you for the replies
  6. Ya know, I agree that DSP's are pretty technical, and can be a huge PITA, especially for someone without a lot of car audio experience. But I was told that if I wanted to keep my stock HU, it would basically sound like shit without a DSP. Not sure if that was 100% true or not, but I got an Axxess DSP, and it sounds fantastic Granted, even with 30 years of experience, it was still really painful getting that thing setup, and halfway dialed in. Now in my truck, I had an aftermarket HU, so I really didn't have to have a DSP, at all, but I got the Dayton 408 for $150, and it helped a ton ! Also a PITA to get setup and semi dialed in though....
  7. deathcards

    RE Audio 35.1d

    i am guessing 1200 rms I know its a 1500 watt board but looks a little thin. the old re audio/us amps were very good though.
  8. Hi guys. I just ordered a single 10" EVL Skar subwoofer and 2 set of SPX Components. Will put them together soon! On Skar official page, it suggested/recommended 40hz for EVL 10" but was wondering if that's good for Trap/dubstep, etc? For those who have experienced with EVL Skar, what do you suggest? Space is not an issue and it will be powered by RP 1200 Skar amp. Thanks.
  9. Go with the Sundown or your just keep buying shit till your happy , buy the best and be done.
  10. Yesterday
  11. So the good news is that this looks good. However; there are some bad news. Bad news: and thats not going to work. So I guess this is the direction that's going to have to happen. I'll keep you guys posted.
  12. Awesome! Thank you for your help Backwoods. Can't wait to get my new amp and sub box all put together. I'll try to post some pictures when it's all installed. Cheers! Jake
  13. To preface. This is a daily driver build. Not going for SPL numbers but I want to know what I can achieve. So as I've been testing i've noticed a few things. I haven't cranked it to 100%. I'm about 75%. Currently 147.63 db at 35 hz. The warmer the temperatures the SPL numbers seem to go up slightly around 0.50-.75 db. Windows up or windows down hasn't affected my SPL numbers significantly (0.30--0.50. db). The weird thing that has happened is that my peak frequency has continually gotten lower. The baseline db and frequency has been fairly consistent. As I've turned things up more and more, the peak frequency has gone from 50hz and worked it's way down to 35 hz. The enclosure was designed for around 32-34 hz. We have designed the box so that I can add port length as a bolt on feature in the future to lower the tuning to 28-30 hz. I was hoping to breach the 150db threshold but that seem to be a tough mountain to climb with by current set up. I'm setting the bar to 148-149 as to where I think it will go when I turn it to 100%. I know if I was to go with a wall or 6th order set up I theoretically could get there.
  14. Yes thats the amp, I have ran one on two 10" subs and its a good amp... And that website is a good place to order from too. The guy usually ships quick and has good customer service. looks like that kit is not in stock... but if you want to go with a 4awg kit, just make sure its OFC wire. Oxygen free copper. Something like this would be good. But theres lots of choices out there. At 1000 watts a 4awg will probably be fine... Though i personally prefer 0awg. https://skyhighcaraudio.com/sky-high-car-audio-4-ofc-amp-kit/ Now... If you were pushing your sub pretty close to the max with the old amp, make REAL sure that you set the gain correctly with this new amp. Then watch it carefully to see if its too much power. You can always drop the gain a little lower to prevent any issues.
  15. CstrokerV

    RE Audio 35.1d

    The company exists through a parent company the original owner sold R.E about 15 or So years ago. 2005/6 to us amps so to some people it’s not R.E. After they sold the remaining original amps...
  16. Oh wow, I didn't even know about voltage and rise. Yes, my subwoofer is a dual 2ohm sub rated for 500 watts rms online, but odly the cardboard box the sub came in says it's raited at 800 watts rms. This is the amp you are refering to, correct? https://caraudiobargain.com/sundown-audio-sfb-1000d/ Much cheaper than I expected for a Sundown product and a 1ohm stable amp. I figured the Kenwood KAC-9016D would be ok because my current amp, the Kenwood x500-1 only pushes 300 watts rms at 4ohm and it always seemed to power my sub good when I had it in a good box. But if the Sundown amp is a better option for a cheaper price i'm not going to argue with that, haha. What amp kit would you recommend? I was looking at the Crutchfield 4 Guage Kit . Thank you so much for you help!!!!
  17. Updates: I've just got in touch with Cody /CJ18 from Droppin HZ Car Audio and bought 2x recone kits. DC Audio m2 XL 12 Recone Kit (Dual 1ohm Voice Coils) Upgrade Options: LR Cone Upgrade 8ga Direct Leads × 2 Recone Shims × 1 I hope after this recone I don't continue to experience the Tinsel Slap issue
  18. maybe for testing he used the battery direct terminal it has on it which bypasses the internal fuse?
  19. slybu

    RE Audio 35.1d

    really? the company still exists the website is still up and running.
  20. May I suggest an SSA Demon 10 with 12oz of Polyfill. Fantastic SQ, but still pounds really well.
  21. I'm not looking for anything major, the amp was already ordered and it'll be here Wed, it's a Kicker Key 500.1 The vehicle (2020 Kia Forte LSX) has a small space I can put a sub but it's too small to go ported. The amp claims [email protected] ohm and [email protected] ohm. I was looking at the Sundown SD4 series but they seem pretty spendy, is there something more affordable for a basic setup in a sealed enclosure or are those worth it? I have 8" depth to work with , I'd like to find something with a top mount depth of 5 or less, I can build ~.75 cu ft before displacement, if I can't find a good 10" that's shallow enough I don't mind going with an 8"
  22. is there any way to actually talk with steve meade?

    1. CstrokerV


      Call the shop Maybe?


    2. Joseph Chambers

      Joseph Chambers

      if you do tell him I said what's up. 

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