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  2. Can't get over how sexy this driver is...Snapped several photos Sunday Night when I arrived at my Team Mates house because it needed to be shown off ...This woofer is beefy and musical and is performing very very well
  3. JY has their new lithium coming soon. Thats what Ill be adding/swapping to. I currently have 2 JY 80 green and 1 JY cased 80. Info on the new JY 25ah can be found on their FB page
  4. My 1st real beat your ass style demo was given out like 10 years ago by my now great friend and Team Captain...He had a white Silverado with 32 SA 12's on 4 Sundown 3500's in a Diamond and it was a monster on the low end...After that I was completely hooked to the point of no return...I had been a bass head prior to that but that opened my eyes to a whole different level of audio
  5. Your view of a shameless plug is our view of educating a future customer who may not even know about it. Why wait until they install everything to tell them how to stop the rattles? #DoItRightTheFirstTime Thanks for the shout out about our quality, we greatly appreciate it #SMDFTW
  6. I love the box...Was crazy to see that torching, sanding then torching again followed by several coats of clear could bring out such a bad ass wood grain look
  7. Anyone here know how to model a passive radiator box?
  8. I know theres no comparison, but if you could only run small or shallow mount woofers (under or behind rear seat of a Tundra) which ones do you think would give the lowest and/ or cleanest response? I've personally never heard any of the 6.5 subs out there, but based on the shallow mount subs I've heard (not impressed by any so far) seems like (6) 6.5's would do better than (4) 8" SHALLOW subs? Size and number doesnt matter as long as theres no sacrifice in airspace. Whatcha think?
  9. Oh trust me I will. I’m thinking of changing up my trunk to enable me to seal off into the cabin. Maybe some lithium
  10. Today
  11. This rig. Going from 2 10s on ~300w to 4 15s on a 7.5k was a change to say the least I had no idea what to expect. I figured it would just be like turning up the radio a bit more. NOPE. I had zero frame of reference for just what "loud" was. It threw me for a loop - feeling it in my chest, whole interior shaking, having it grab my throat, and the physical sensation of my eardrums flexing. 10/10 was a great time
  12. I've been loving BASS since the early 1990's at least. I have built a few 9My loudest was only 134.5 in 1996 and seen/felt a few awesome cars back in the day. But my most intense BASS experience and most rememberable one would be just last year at the Tucson Bass Bash from Philip S. And ironically it popped up in my memories on FB today, from a year ago. I was expecting an average150's type DEMO and got hit with a very strong 163-165 dB DEMO....It was awesome, after I regained my breath and my esophagus didn't collapse. ENJOY: My first 160+ DEMO in the SUBFari Van
  13. Make sure to do a Build log.
  14. Best burp score sealed last night was 144.53 @ 38hz Best overall score was 145.1 @31hz with the driver window down **Lots of tuning left to do but it sounds great already**
  15. So I just did some power tests and there is no way the voice coils should even be upset. I'm wired to 1 ohm so we know that once it starts moving that number is going up. Even at 1 ohm the max clean power going to the sub would be 2700 watts (measured 52 volts output). So with the impedance rise I would expect that number to be quite a bit lower. Hopefully it is just the glue.
  16. Well it's been 6 long years that I've been without audio at all and I finally was able to get myself a system again. I am beyond happy with the finished product. My team guys on Team Retribution came through and helped me get my car built in 3 days and it's playing. Still have some tuning and meter time needed to get it completely dialed in but I am super happy with the end result. We built all day Monday-Wednesday and didn't get to tune and test until 1030pm last night but it was worth all the blood sweat and tears ...Got a quick screen shot of my peak music score sealed up in the car last night.. It has a little more in it once we get to tune it completely Build consists of: DC Level 6 15 D.7 coils Ampere 3800 @.35 ohms 190 Mil Vibraflex 6" Aeroport 3.25CF box tuned to 33 4 runs of 2/0 Royal Excelene Weld Wire Big 3 using 2/0 weld wire CES 250A Alt Limitless 45AH lithium Pioneer 80PRS Taramps TS 400x4 McLaren 6.5" Mids in the doors Demo Dan Solutions Dual Bass Knob with built in Voltimeter **Pics may be out of order because my phone scrambled them all up for some damn reason and not everything was photographed due to being hands on in my build**
  17. Man I ordered my SP4v2+ 15 at the beginning of this month. I cannot wait until that baby comes home !! Seems like a perfect daily setup but teams seem more for competitions but then again the power difference is what double? makes sense. probably tuning to 30 ish hertz for mine. ssf around 24/25.
  18. That is an encouraging post. I feel like there is no way I can be overpowering this guy with a t2500-1bdcp. I appreciate you chiming in. If I'm unlucky enough to send this sub I'll definitely get a team next.
  19. My neo gets to smelling pretty regularly but im pushing it pretty hard. Last clamp i did i was delivering 1928 watts
  20. I didnt beat on my sp4's like I do my teams ( sp4's were on less power because of what amps I could afford at the time ). but the glue setting could be smelled for almost year. so some of what your smelling may not be bad.
  21. My swap wont be an apples to apples comparison unfortunately. Ill be going from a BL Neo to a Team 3.
  22. Trial and Error my friend. Experiment, come back and give us a review.
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