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  3. Yeah his amp seems to be like my JL. I just have all my EQ & Crossovers through my headunit. Haven't even begun to go through with the JL DSP, it's kinda overwhelming lol.
  4. Thank you. No idea yet, just sent the products and the typical build to air time we have experienced is between 4-8 months. That is all at the full control of the channel, in this case Motor Trend TV. I've read up that these guys shoot 2 seasons in a row to maximize shoot time and they are starting now, so I would guess this Fall season or beginning of 2020 launch time. We will share all the info we get on this thread. Stay tuned.
  5. Also, I got a port plug so I can plug one rear port and drop rear tuning to 19hz (after I extend them). I'm trying to see what I can pull out of this thing for Subsonic Suicide. This thing will be at the Sundown show August 17th if anyone wants a demo
  6. Here's a slight update: After I shredded that sub when I threw the M1U in for testing, I was miraculously able to glue it back together in multiple pieces. After I got all 4 subs playing again, I re-metered it: 155.79dB legal at 27hz 158.68dB outlaw at 36hz I'm definitely at the limits of these woofers mechanically. I purchased my second CF 4k and will be throwing it in the next few days. They will be strapped at .7ohm a piece on the current subs, and .5 per when I rebuild these XSv1s with TI baskets and XT3 recones. I'm also going to try some box mods, like extending my rear ports and bringing tuning down to 27hz. I also need to make a PVC roundover for the port block I made for the front chamber. I just purchased an SSA meter, so I can do some serious testing and tuning. Also, fun fact, this thing is loud as shit on the driver's side headrest with both doors open. I put the meter on the driver headrest both doors open, and it did a 158.8 at 42hz on ONE 4k.
  7. His ride consists of 2 Twisted Sounds 6.5k 4 Crystal audio CS3X 15s 82ah of misolar lithium batteries 3 300amp CES alternators Canon Rebel T3i Sigma 17-50mm 2.8 lens Sigma 10-20mm 4-5.6 lens Canon 50mm 1.8 Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THE MUSIC USED IN THIS VIDEO ALL RIGHTS RESERVED FOR THE ARTISTS The links to my social medias are below. https://www.facebook.com/luke.schaller https://soundcloud.com/rallybass88 http://instagram.com/schallerphotography
  8. I'm assuming you mean a transmission line. I've never heard of a tranny line
  9. @Booger weldz on a phone, when typing a reply tap “Click to choose files” and select the pic from your photo library
  10. Wanting to know how to set the bass knob using the smd dd1 

  11. Da fuq do you post a pic here? Limited 604....
  12. New vehicle purchase came with a well made(carpentry skillset) 1/4wave Trannyline enclosure for an 87-90(?) Sd woofer. The ‘system’ has been removed but some ancillaries remain from PO... this ‘box’ is one of those... vehicles from Sacramento area or south. The owner Might keep the box if i can repair it (pocket screws used throughout and top was hastily removed by the new owner trying to find the secure bolts to the cargo area sheet metal. Its got some decent kerf work and im trying to get a pic posted here of it with exact dimensions to facilitate the topic of the thread, lol. im not an audiophile or expert, but my limited ‘knowledge’ seems to hint that this is not a poor design acoustically and certainly not the worst woodwork ever done.
  13. @Stewie_21 I’m in the same boat, but I’m bout ready to just remain knowledgeless and waste my money on a design that probably won’t impress me
  14. @Raptorman I’ve already spoke to you about this, just realized who you were
  15. @Raptorman Go for the ratio that gives you the proper port tunings, port areas, port lengths, and chamber volumes. what are the proper port areas, port lengths and chamber volumes? I’m trying to design a series tuned 6th for a single zv5 12 D1 54 high side, 27 low...I saw somewhere said try to keep the front (high) port below 3” ??? but I’ve been recommended a port area that gives me a 14” long port (what I have come up with so far: 4 cubes 96 sq in (8x12) port at 54 Hz would be 14” long, 2 cubes roughly 12.25 sq in port ((was suggested 4” aero, going square 3.5x3.5)) at 27 Hz would be 19.75” long)
  16. Did they sound acceptable with the passive xovers? If so, can you post a pic of the passive internals? Did you set the tweets with the dd1? If you didnt use a softer track for setup you might have them too loud. High midbass impedance near peak? All drivers rise and you normally can't hear it but some drivers are just real bad at this, they usually have a zobel built into the passive crossover to keep the cut-off from shifting. Can you shift phase at your amp? If so, Have you tried raising the midbass?
  17. Try wolfram or cab. Wolfram c2400.1 is 250 Cab-2000.1 is 240
  18. I'd be Leary of cookie cutter active cover points. I tried active and passive, if passive is done with good head unit voltage (4-5 volts) and lots of head room and of course quality quality speakers, it can sound pretty phenomenal. Edit: I just checked that amps specs and features. That thing should sound awesome. 31 band eq, butterworth 0 6 12 24 db xover Linkwitz 0 6 12 db xover Explain more like in the interface app, is there an easy mode and advanced mode? It seems that amp can get very complicated as far as setting the DSP. Walk us through some steps it takes
  19. Will I find that on Google search? Someone help me find a way, I'd do it but I'm working 50 hours a week, have a newborn and I'm 6 weeks out from a meet. So it's work, home , gym and sleep.
  20. Probably have some luck if you contact Brent levitt at low notes garage
  21. Yup, he only makes that stuff for himself. His shop is for building the smd stuff.
  22. I doubt steve would make you one but there are a few box builders on here. Maybe you can get one of them to build you one but it will probly be pricey.
  23. The skar rp2000.1 he posted is a great choice. Or maybe an american bass ph4000.1. Only 2ks i really know of in that price range.
  24. This might sound stupid or oblivious, but I'm looking to contact Steve's Shop he operates. What is it's name? Is it WcCarAudio? Basically I'm too busy and lazy. I would like an air cooled amp rack exactly like the one he did with the prime amps done for a power t400-4, t600-2 and p1000x1. Plexi cover and Rockford logo.
  25. Yesterday
  26. windshield seal is leaking at the top of the windshield when i turn up the bass. letting water in


  27. What’s a good amp to run? I’ve heard good n bad about hifonics
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