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  2. Something still isnt right? Are you using a line converter? stock HU? How do you know the coils are burning? Whats the SSF set at?
  3. One day maybe... I've tried to make him aware of things like staging, imaging and overall balance, but it doesnt get thru bc all the dudes around him in his ear... My Veloster sounds pretty good n gets loud considering I only have 2 Crescendo PWX, 2 FT1's, a 4" Polk center channel and a single HDC3 12. I explained the dsp, speaker placement and soundproofing is more important, but... lol
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  5. Im thinking about running the Team 3 unit. I want to run the setup as it is. Im using an Orion 2500XTR currently. The 10 will be my daily use speaker then the Team 3 will be my competition unit. I havent committed to the Team 3 unit yet. I was going to get the opinions of people on here on it when i got a bit closer to the purchase.
  6. I love how everyone is just bashing Taramps and not helping the guy... the 30ks are designed to be wired into the dirt. the md8ks are not, the md8k is also rated at 60hz vs 100hz, taramps make the power they are not unreliable, they are designed to work in specific parameters, they like under 2.5v input, short power runs, and to be wired where they are designed to be wired. people are just used to companies rating at 4 ohms and stable down to .5. in my opinion I would go for the 30ks as you will have more wiring options and head room. you will also be able to wire down to combat rise.
  7. Money learning experience he will change his mind when he hears loud and clear.
  8. Check the wiring make sure no tinsels are touching. Disconnect everything double check
  9. If you go to the main sub page and filter by size of 18 then by watts the sp4+ shows up in the 2500 list. The sp4v2 is the only 18 listed as 3500.
  10. Wired to 1 ohm. Box is 7 cubes tuned to 30 Hz. All of this was sent to Fi and Brian said that I am overpowering the sub and to turn the gain down. I set everything with dd-1 using - 7.5 db track. Just sucks waiting 3 months for the sub and it isn't even taking this amp. It sounds so good though.
  11. How exactly are they wired? Each sub wired in series and then in parallel? Or Each sub in parallel and wired in series? I always wire each sub in series and then parallel, so each sub sees power at the same time.
  12. the sp3+ ( 3" coil ) shows 2500w and the sp4+ ( 4" coil ) shows 3500.
  13. I can't wait till I get the Fi SSD ferrite 10 installed in my wifes ride. I'll be putting an RF T1000bdcp on it. Great to hear your happy with the sub. What 15 are you looking and how much power are you planning
  14. an SP4+ should take that amp all day. what are you wired to? what are you're box dimensions? who at Fi said you were over powering it?
  15. Elaborate, I'll be happy to tell you exactly what is going on.
  16. I thought so too. This one can't even take 3k. According to their website searching according to wattage the plus now shows up as a 2500 rms sub and the sp4 v2 is 3500 rms.
  17. Thanks. Yea, I'm painting his truck a deep candy red this summer, so we wanted to complement it, but I'm almost wishing I saved that color for my own truck lol
  18. Usually people's 1st post on this forum go bad and I'm not the guy to bash people for it but many will. That is not what th OP asked though. He said he understands that and he was wondering if there were other reasons.
  19. I dont understand how anyone is confused by this dudes question I can tell you that he is using the spacer ring to lift his sub up to prevent the motor structure from coming in contact with the internals of the box !!!
  20. FI is a wonderful company. I ran kicker my entire life before finding these forums and trying out FI. I will never run any other subs. I started with 4 FI X 10s on a Ampere 3800.1 and am rebuilding currently for 4 Team 15s on 4 MD 8ks. That SP4+ should be on a 5k all day.
  21. just pulled the trigger on a S&W 586-6 and a Henry lever .22LR., just gotta wait for them to show up since they weren't stocked around here.
  22. Bro,.. in seriously jelly of your area. That is super cool man. Good for you. Can I ask where are you? Washington? Oregon ? If you dont want to say on here, PM me if your more warm and fuzzy with that. Anyway, super nice area, and man, you have a lot of serious hardware. Good on ya. Happy shooting all.
  23. How do u have your gain set? All all the subs in individual chambers in the box or separate chambers?
  24. I have an Orion 2500d with a set of 4 power acoustik gothic gw3-10 1kw rms 2 of them are from a batch from release date and still work as day 1(ran mainly at .5 ohm). I bought another set so I could wire them for 1 ohm to reduce electrical load) The 2nd set before wiring all 4 I installed just the 2 new ones at 2 ohm to break them in worked fine. I then installed all 4 after 3 month one of the new subs smoked and got it warrantied. Another 2 months went by and then the sub I got warrantied got smoked as well. I bought another cause company wouldnt warranty the sub. I installed the one to replace warranty sub with 1 original 2nd set and then then the new one smoked again. Is there a reason only the freshest subs getting burnt and smoking and old ones are playing fairly? When last one blew it hasn't even been 2 months
  25. uhhhhhh something doesn't add up with what you are saying
  26. Happy for you. I'm super disappointed with my Fi sp4 plus 18. It is supposed to be rated at 3500 rms but it can't even handle my t2500-1bdcp at less than full power. Gave Fi my box specs and amp set up looking for a reason why the coils are burning. Fi just said that everything is good and I am overpowering the sub. This is the sub they recommended for this amplifier and now they tell me it's too much. Money wasn't an issue when getting the sub and I could have easily gotten a team 18. It's a great sounding sub I just wish I could turn it up.
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