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  2. just keep playing. when they break just glue them,
  3. First one of my dustcaps on my 4 hds2.108s dented inward and I figured it got hit, but now a second is dented in and I KNOW it hasn't been hit cause I'm beyond careful about clearences and random things in my truck that could hit em. Subs aren't bottoming out, gains are set with oscilloscope at 40hz. I beat the crap outta my subs and run em hard but never seen a cap get pushed in from playing them. What can be causing this and how do I stop it from happening?
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  5. Wire it just like you always do BUT put the pos to neg and neg to pos on the inverted subs ONLY.
  6. exhaust has been rusting out past my exhaust muffler passenger side completely rusted off sounds cool but feels a bit dirty
  7. with a design like this depending where the subs are you could shave off 15-20% of the port volume off i think and much higher tuning than intended. Your feeling of more potential i will say is more than correct at this moment in my opinion.
  8. A Quiet Refuge blog featured Second Skin products in some of its' suggestions
  9. You do not - can load the tones onto any medium you wish. If you play via bluetooth, set things while playing through bluetooth, etc. There's a link to the original tones in my sig along with some 2.5db increments
  10. RIP CES alts. Bone head move imho. 

    1. bsneon98


      what happened? their a local company to me. 

    2. Kyblack76


      They just got rid, of the only reason they were even relevant. meh.... all will correct itself in time. 

  11. Alright....about that- I know what it means to reverse polarity on speakers...and I know how to wire my subs (dvc) down to the ohm load I need....BUT, how the heck do I reverse the polarity on two subs while still keeping the final ohm load where it needs to be? The subs are dual 4 and I need the ohm load to be 2
  12. The hot seat in Steve's explorer is no joke, it hurts! haha. Plus this beast sure can move a lot of air. Beard tricks anyone? His ride Consists of 6 Fi 15" Subwoofers 6 Twisted Sound 3.5k Amplifiers JY Lithium Batteries SHTNONM September 21st-22nd. Mark your calendars and come to one of the largest shows on the west coast. Free food and water from the amazing SkyHigh crew. Jon always knows how to treat everyone well. Facebook link here https://www.facebook.com/events/381387529171661/?event_time_id=381387535838327 Recorded with Canon Rebel T3i Sigma 17-50mm 2.8 lens Sigma 10-20mm 4-5.6 lens Canon 50mm 1.8 Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THE MUSIC USED IN THIS VIDEO ALL RIGHTS RESERVED FOR THE ARTISTS The links to my social medias are below. https://www.facebook.com/luke.schaller https://soundcloud.com/rallybass88 http://instagram.com/schallerphotography
  13. It just like died with no resolution and reading the story I felt compelled to reply lol.
  14. That layout should work fine, just be sure to reverse the polarity on the inverted subs so they are in phase with the others. As far as which direction your port faces, it somewhat depends on what vehicle you have, but usually pointed back or up is best.
  15. Can you elaborate? Why wouldn't it work? Another option is to make your own clipping indicator, for which there's plenty of tutorials on the web. You just need some basic electronics knowledge. Then set your gain backed off of clipping on the loudest volume you'll play your system at. From there, watch the indicator and make judgements if you need to tune the gain further. To be clear though, I'm not knocking the DD1. If you have the money, go for it because it will simplify the process and is cheaper than a scope. Steve's videos point out that although a scope shows you everything about the signal, you need to know what distortion actually looks like. The DD1 has a simple light that blinks and tells you to back off. Now, is it too sensitive and can a quality system handle some soft clipping and minor distortion in exchange for more output? That's a judgement call.
  16. I have a TON of footage from Sundown show. Maybe I'll make a little edit and upload it to the tuuuube. I'll post it up in here if I do. I'm not gonna make the Sky High BBQ because it's literally on the exact opposite side of the country. I wish I could. Equipment updates: Right now, I'm running 4 of the new Crossfire C7v3 12s on two Crossfire XS-4ks. She's putting up mid 158s at 33hz (tuning is still lowered) and mid 157s at 28hz. 153s at 20hz. Legal, it's doing mid 156s at 50hz and 27hz.
  17. That method does not work Tony already explained why... probably in that guys comments
  18. Alright cool. I appreciate the responses and advice. Only two questions- I went ahead and designed another box (pic below) just because I was bored, but this one has two subs on the side and two facing up, with the port in the middle on the side. I designed it to be able to have the subs on the side regular mounted and the two on top inverted. Would that work out fine? My other question is based from another guy's response on here- does having the port on the side, facing the rear, make it louder than having it facing up (like in my design) or facing forward toward the cabin?
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