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  2. The SSA meters are nice as shit and not far off from TL for being a cheaper alternative...You can find out your peak frequency with it
  3. I’ve been competing car Audio (Sound Quality and Sound Pressure) for years and I never use any of that stuff. It’s simple if you pay attention, learn, and know what you are doing. it’s simple really. Tuning starts with the source unit. Learn it’s limits. Then the network. Phase, crossover points, alignment measurement, and system goals. People in the old days tune by ear because that’s all they had and most stay true to their roots. Like me, I operate equipment like I was trained. If you listen to actual music, your system will easily tell you where it’s limits are. Have patience with your system.
  4. This one was already reconed. I think last setup I had it in 5.2cu ft and it sounded much better.
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  6. Membership for what? Meca ? I have a little Bluetooth SSA meter to test it but probably not as accurate as a term lab
  7. Well, I am trying to use my existing equipment. I already have the Hybrid Audio gear installed, I know the crossover recommendations HA suggests for these speakers... So I guess after I choose my amplifier and dsp combo, I will have to do my own tuning. I just hope nothing goes wrong.
  8. Hello again, I'm into the actual build phase of this box now. One quick question please. I want to tune this to 35hz. how much longer do I need to make the port? Thanks!!
  9. So I found these amps in the garage. I hope they work... what do do y’all think I can do in the truck with these amps?
  10. I used to compete in the Stock SQ class in meca and the SPL classes as well as drive by
  11. I used to but haven't competed in over 10 yrs...Aside from the Tdh show which cost 75 bucks to compete in 6 organizations that were triple point events once i have the time and $$ i want to start competing in Meca,Usaci,Nadbl,DbDrag,Nspl and chase points etc
  12. If youve never done this before and shops wont help. I suggest 2 way active with a pioneer 80prs headunit. Plenty of eq to learn on. And wont need a dsp yet
  13. This is true of a lot of smaller shops. When I first started at my shop they didn't have any nice tuning equipment either and they have been in business over 40 years! You will need to find a high end shop to get what you want.
  14. Hi Guys I need some help with designing a box for my new Adire Audio 15” Tumult, this will be my 1st box build so a total noob to this. Would like to go ported and tuned to between 33-35 Hz but not sure if I have enough space for this. Open to slot port or aero. If I don’t have enough space I will run it sealed. Will be a daily set up, playing rap and EDM music. Box needs to be a wedge shape, exterior dimensions 20” High, 42.5” wide, base depth 14” and top depth 11”. Will be using 3/4” MDF with double baffle. Will be run 4 ohm and powered by Mosconi AS300.2 bridged to run 1100 RMS. Lithium Ion battery and 0awg cable + Big 3 all done. Will be in an SUV behind 3rd row seats. speaker specs Dual 2ohm coils Fs 19.08 hz. Re 3.66ohm. Qms 3.84 Qes.428 Qts .428 Le 3.81mh (1.905 per coil). Mms 352.72g Cms.20 mm/N. Sd 807.64 cm^2. Vas 185.32 L. Spl 86.01db @ 1w/1m. BL 17.7 Xmax 34mm one way. Rms 1000w on program 1500 thermal. Displacement is .17 cu ft. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer.
  15. @Second Skin just an fyi when trying to order damp pro in the free shipping usps boxes (didnt try on anything else) it forces you to add the $10 roller and won't let you undo it. probably just a site error, but it'd be worth fixing. keep up the great work/product!
  16. problem is, there aren't a lot of shops around my area that can really help. As soon as I walk in and mention active setup, they begin to stutter and start sweating? The last shop I went to said they could install a 6 channel, but if i wanted to use a DSP they could sell me one, but they would have call somebody else to tune the it ? All the while saying we are authorized dealers for (Brand A, or Brand Z ) How do you become an authorized dealer and NOT know how to operate the products you sell? I asked how they tune all the other cars they work on? The reply I got was, we tune by ear! Heck I could do that, what the heck I am here for then??? I asked if they used an RTA, an O-Scope, DD-1, They said no we don't? The problem is this has happened to me at least three shops local to me.
  17. More cone area will move more air. Same power with more cone area will be louder. If you are going to be running 2k to the 12s its going to be significantly louder than 1k to a 15.
  18. Would these specs work for a kicker compvr 12dv2
  19. will 2 12inch subs 1k ea be louder than one 15inch 1k rms. and does 2 smaller move more air ?
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