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  2. Trust me, my rides are definitely “works in progress”. In fact, I just made the decision to make my green Phantom my primary sound quality vehicle.
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  4. Were you wanting to go with XS Power as your main battery or are you open to Optima? Looking through it again the D5100 and the Yellowtops are the only thing that will fit without modifications and be able to handle a decent system. If you wanted to go beyond 1/1.5k you'd want to look into another battery or High output alternator anyways.
  5. It's for a 1998 Ford Ranger 2dr ext cab with the 2.5l engine.
  6. What car is this for ? Might be a better solution if you are wanting to stick to a single battery instead of two
  7. Yeah the yellow tops were the only ones I found that are a direct fit. XS wants to sell a billet aluminum mounting plate/hold down with the D3400, which is their suggestion. I'm about ready to just get something inexpensive up frontand wire it parallel to a 2nd batt behind my seat. I was hoping to avoid a 2nd battery but it's starting to look like that might actually be cheaper than trying to make something fit under the hood.
  8. Here is a list of compatible ones you can take a look at, some of them are beyond or below your dimensions so just double check anything before buying. XS Power: https://4xspower.com/shop/12v-agm/d-series/d5100/ https://4xspower.com/shop/12v-agm/d-series/d5100r/ (taller by about an inch but has a reverse option and standard) Some other options https://4xspower.com/shop/12v-agm/d-series/d1200/ https://4xspower.com/shop/12v-agm/s-series/s1200/ https://4xspower.com/shop/12v-agm/s-series/s975/ Northstar https://www.northstarbattery.com/product/nsb-agm35 https://www.northstarbattery.com/product/elt-agm35 (both of these are 9 1/2 in length so you might be able to fit them with some adjustments, also about an 1 1/2 taller at 8.5") Optima https://www.optimabatteries.com/en-us/yellowtop-deep-cycle-battery/d7525 https://www.optimabatteries.com/en-us/yellowtop-deep-cycle-battery/d35 (both are 3/4" taller at 7 3/4")
  9. Just read the whole thread. Nice setup! Lemon by Rihanna has some great midbass as well as deep 1 octave drop bass lines. I'm using it to try and get my own mid bass figured out.
  10. It's about 9 1/4"L, 7 1/2"W, and about 7" tall.... roughly. It's on the driver side of the car and the positive is towards the aft.
  11. Damn what are the dimensions of your current battery? I might be able to find a reverse pole of similar size
  12. Just a quick Little update, I wasn't all that crazy about my mid bass response I was getting from my HA Unity 6x9s, so decided to lower the frequency and take it from -12db to -9db, and just like that, the mid bass alone is enough to rattle my rear view mirror on certain tracks. They sound nice and punchy. Still haven't adjusted any slopes but for now I am pretty happy. I read a recommendation for a couple of great songs to test for great mid bass, one was Keep it on the reel by 3X Krazy. Sounded fantastic !
  13. No because there no signal going to it. No input signal which the amp needs to produce any sound. Atleast that's how I've ways understood it.
  14. That's definitely close, but I would need the poles swapped for my wiring to fit.
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  16. Well I almost had a big oops! I knew the whole time I was going to need to figure out my internal bracing and cut that too. Some how even though I knew I needed to do that, it didn’t get translated to the front of my brain. I remembered it earlier. I had to mock something up and get some dimensions so I could cut it. I will have to cut that tomorrow too before I can start gluing it together. I was almost in trouble as I had to fit my bracing around my ports running down the center of my box. I’ll post more pictures tomorrow. here is a rough mock up of the box.
  17. Right, but if it's a bad amp, wouldn't it make noise all the time?
  18. This time on the Owner's Manual, we dive into the decisions of sound deadening mat vs liquid sound deadening spray, Sound Deadening Mat or Spray: Which Is For Me? Driving is as much an experience as it is a necessity. You should enjoy how your ride feels, how it looks, and even how it sounds. That last piece can be a challenge, because cars come with a fair share of noise, from structural hums, rattles and squeaks to airborne sounds like wind, road noise and horn honking. Fortunately there are some great products to improve your driving experience (and they don’t involve earplugs). They’re called vibration dampers and a question we get all the time is, do you go with the mats or with a sound deadening spray? #SoundDeadening #SecondSkinAudio #SecondSkinUSA #Spectrum #SecondSkinInsulation #Bass #SoundProofing #ThermalInsulation #AmericanMadeSoundDeadening #TeamSecondSkin #SecondSkinForTheWin #MadeInTheUSA #CarAudio #SoundProofing #SoundProof #Automotive #AutomotiveRestoration
  19. Unplugging the rcas cuts the signal to the amp. That's supposed to happen
  20. At this point, I am tempted to just run a ground wire from the battery to my distro block. When I unplug the RCAs from the amp, nothing comes out of the speakers. Complete silence. Should I look at the RCAs then?
  21. Its not that. The signal comes from the rcas. Not the speaker wire. To me it sounds like a ground or just a noisy amp.
  22. Also, could I run 4 channels of RCAs (front+rear) or even just 2 (front), because I am using a DSP to split up all the signals?
  23. I have switched to custom RCA bassknob also. Never use the one that comes with the amps anymore
  24. I've checked everything behind the dash. I've grounded the headunit to the chassis. I don't know what else to try. I am still getting the alternator whine through the speakers. Could the RCAs be picking up noise? Would it be worth trying a different set?
  25. I have almost everything cut. I still have the top and two sides. I also have to cut a notch in 2 more panels. I also have to cut out the holes for the ports and the speakers. I should get that done tomorrow and start glueing it together. Here are the cut pieces so far.
  26. Just get a bassknob that connects to the RCA's?
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