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    please tell me tenney didnt come out udner a differnet name.
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    Rev.2 Prototype is here -- not 100% where I want it but closer
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    2013 Has been another awesome year for DC Audio in the lanes!! now that the season is over were opening up the Team for applications, if you are a existing team member that plans on competing next year or if you have some competing under your belt and looking to take it to the next level hit us up for a team Application. EMAIL [email protected] for the contract
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    Thank you for the reassurance.On another note, I just hooked up the Alpine 8 in it's pre fab loaded box and WOW! Just off 300rms on an AQ750 that thing gets loud! It's not even broken in yet neither. About 5 mins play time. This big box and SA12 at 1 ohm was just too loud lol. Took up too much room. I'm definitely happy with this. Can't wait to get the PDX to clean everything up and look nice. I ended up upgrading when I picked up an SA8v2 to a JL900/5HD in order to throw more at the sub, but I kept the PDX5 to put in my project regal where space is truly at a minimum. I was very happy with the amp, so I am sure that newer generation 5 channel will be damn good!
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    Tossing dummy batteries at people and telling them to "catch".
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    wheres that new vid?????????????????????? #s?????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    not forward of the B-pillar. Right on it. and i could care less if i can recline the seat in this thing or not LOL
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    when did apple start making windmills? why would they name it the iGo?
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    Bye bye Nissan. Hellooooo sexy. Cant wait til spring to start the install.
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    146.4 - single soloX 10" on 520 watts (MWSPL style)
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    New manager at work is a buzzkill. Can't mess around with him and make dick jokes. Its hard to stay in a good mood without dick jokes.
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    Not wanting to look like I'm a whiner or ungrateful by posting something stupid to be pissed off about after people have real issues like cancer to deal with. Really sorry to here that guys, of course in respects to privacy, may I inquire as to what type is involved?
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    I think we're pretty much SOL, I've looked a little bit in the past out of curiosity and didn't find shit.
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    Hope you like them, took some thought and time. I would love some DC audio products! I have file in any format needed and ready for print. They are all 1 or 2 color process currently in vector format. Thank you for your consideration.
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    Easier just to use same size subs
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    Finding a group 31 agm in the garbage
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    We got to order the film first, then get it done, It should be a digital white Camo
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    Hmmm Might have a cool pattern were doing for some level 6s, I will post them up if it all turns out, Its going to take about a week to get the film though
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    Ive got some feed back from the printers , i will post up some info a little later today about it
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    Just talking to Larry right now. He is doing better and even has a phone. I'll keep you all posted what he says
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    I'm excited for your son and it's not even my car.. Most likely cause we all get to see the cool shit that's gonna happen to this Yukon lol
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    Did you buy the amp from him through this forum? If so, he wasn't legal to sell here anyway with only having 26 posts. We put rules in place to try and help protect the general users. If you ignore the provisions those rules are put in place to enforce, that's not a problem that has to do with SMD in any way shape or form. That's all on you.

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