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    I would of left when they said I couldn't be there when they metered Audiocontrol numbers are way off termlabs...you can adjust the reading/sensitivity Termlab or spl labs are really the only legit meters out right now
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    Started on a simple but effective amp rack, I want the trunk tidy but functional. It's difficult with so much cabling but I'm getting there. I've got a surprise for you guys for the trim, but more on that later So this is how I want them to attach It's a bit ugly but it'll do. It won't be seen. It's not finished in these pics So this is how it kinda sits
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    What is a computer program going to show you? It gonna plot you an output curve in a perfect environment. Vehicle, enclosure, and preference are all going to alter that plot.
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    Good luck. Its all subjective to personal preference.
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    First build ever, may as well give it a shot! Some DC gear would be awesome! http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/185394-13-focus-first-time-build-log/?p=2758975
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    Also Dorre, i hope you like it..... Was some big dick skill getting you that... .
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    ugly amp is ugly lookin good
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    Well then.. Im liking that...
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    extreme vibration and nails dont do so good together... inherently by design nails can be pulled out....
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