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    sounds like Jeff Bridges saying "Fuck her right in the pussy" lol
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    The Black Nasty will be there again for this year!!!! Who else is going?
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    According to their FB page, production has completed for the X-6.5s and should be in stock in a month or so.
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    I would of left when they said I couldn't be there when they metered Audiocontrol numbers are way off termlabs...you can adjust the reading/sensitivity Termlab or spl labs are really the only legit meters out right now
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    Yeah flock is basically any finely ground material, sometimes PVC, or suede, or feathers, that's sprayed or just placed on a surface you coat in glue. It's basically the same process as you did with glitter or sand when you were a kid, just with different material. Ends up being a cool texture. Be sure to use good materials though. The pic I posted above was a lot of sun damage, and somehow my fingerprints got on there? No idea how that happened. But I can help you out a little if you decide to go down that road. appreciate it. yea i like staining but maybe for future on something else
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    i would build it tuned up to 37 or higher and then plug or insert it to bring it down.
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    Started on a simple but effective amp rack, I want the trunk tidy but functional. It's difficult with so much cabling but I'm getting there. I've got a surprise for you guys for the trim, but more on that later So this is how I want them to attach It's a bit ugly but it'll do. It won't be seen. It's not finished in these pics So this is how it kinda sits
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    What is a computer program going to show you? It gonna plot you an output curve in a perfect environment. Vehicle, enclosure, and preference are all going to alter that plot.
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    Good luck. Its all subjective to personal preference.
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    No joke, actually all 4 are. I pulled these stock photos from the internet. Gonna be Pyle PROs, not Pyramid, on Boss Class D power.
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    First build ever, may as well give it a shot! Some DC gear would be awesome! http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/185394-13-focus-first-time-build-log/?p=2758975
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    I literally received them RIGHT before I had to leave for work. I waited as long as I could and the UPS came by. I'll get better pics later. There are 3 of his brothers in factory packaging sitting next to him
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    Will you please stop bitching about penalties? Every fucking match. Guess what man, the refs have missed calls against all the teams.If they didn't flop so much, maybe they'd get calls, and that goes for all the teams. That said, the final should be a good match. I think Germany will have to come out attacking again, can't give Argentina a chance to win at the end. I said nothing about penalties. AT ALL! I was talking about cards but hey carry on. now that its on your side now its wrong? Netherlands got to semi finals thanks to bad referees.. they also lost before regulation.. shouldn't even gone OT.. Argentina got robbed a goal in the 2nd half calling offside on a clean play.. edit: thats the part i hate.. bad calls are all good untill your team gets affected by it.. thats when you hear everyone bitching but when a team wins off bad calls it was a good game.. All teams got screwed in some way or the other.. i bitched about bad calls Mexico vs. Netherlands but i also accept when bad calls help them.. the worst part is. you crying about bad calls when the other team got robbed a goal that gave your team 30 more minutes of play and a chance to win by penalty kicks
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    they are already programmed to think everyone is racist
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    Send me a 2tb hard drive and I will fill it full for you and mail it back. latest greatest complete sets for MAME, NES,SNES, N64 and more I was trying to complete a Hyperspin install check this out
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    Yea i liked the agonist a lot, she could to the clean vocals, then metal growls and whatnot to contrast. Basically beautiful choruses with brutal verses.
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    Their new lead singer is hot!! Yea Alissa from The Agonist. Beautiful. Can do metal growls and she's even good at clean vocals. Gonna miss The Agonist but she'll do good with Arch Enemy as well.
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    Hifonics mount Olympus amps do rated power. I know from experience. So Maxxsonics has a line that does rated power and more.
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    Looks like you had a good time at back home and got a lot done!!! Looking forward to the new updates Jeff!
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    Also Dorre, i hope you like it..... Was some big dick skill getting you that... .
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    ugly amp is ugly lookin good
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    Well then.. Im liking that...
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    or you could make it a lot easier and series all 6, then wire all 6 in parallel to get 1.33. like so....
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    extreme vibration and nails dont do so good together... inherently by design nails can be pulled out....
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    All those small things add up to...... holy fuck there is a shit ton to do. BTW, I found another box of shit Will pulled from the van. You might be missing a 80a relay
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    every time these threads come up I cant help but play this in the back ground as I read!!!
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    This last one was just showing rattles of the RF amps from my other thread. Lost some other videos due to errors with camcorder or computer, oh-well, they are all mostly the same just different songs, lol
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    Some quick videos I made. Ignore the mess of wires, it's not done as there is more goodies to go in, this was the day I hooked it up etc.etc. this is the 4th amp rack I have tried in the last couple months, prolly gonna change it again anyways
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    He ordered AudioBahn. He wanted an old school feel
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    Ill be as close to Bighoss, OBI, you, David, and Kazz as possible as you guys are all my major friends that will be at that show. The Quattro and the zero.1 WILL be in there by the end of day 2 days from now. So will my new beauty panel to fit the amps and my fan rack complete aswell.They should look good in there, I agree hopefully its a hair louder too. Dunno if I'm gonna make it, working 84 hrs a week in the sun I have zero motivation to work on the truck bring me down there I'll load subs that weigh as much as me idgaf Boom50cal be like loading SHD 24's in a 6th order while being 135lbs soaking wet with a jacket... No biggie. ask me how many fucks I give lmfao I DRIVE A VOLVO CALL ME NAMES I'LL SING TAYLOR SWIFT BECAUSE WORDS DON'T HURT ME god dammit guys
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    Redid the amp rack AGAIN, trying to find something that sits well with me. Even this one is still just kind of meh to me. Wires still kind of everywhere and not everything in yet but I had to get some tunes going. Also, completely rebuilt a new box, same dimensions but I hated how I added the carpet and panels onto the old one so i just started over, this time it is painted matching the interior and is flawless. Didn't take pictures because i just wanted to get it done. reset gains with -7.5 and will most likely not make any changes any time soon, if anything I will just yank it out and be done for a while, or if something fries or gets wrecked will most likely just yank it out and start over, fuck it As of late I've been kind of losing interest in this hobby
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    Its IN! It was a huge pain in the ass to do by myself because it barely fits and i mean BARELY. You can see the new SMD woofer is taller and the motor is wider....but i got it! I actually have to take it back out, make a trim ring spacer (about 1/2") and then put it back in. I can't believe it got in as far as it did, i almost gave up before one last push and it dropped into place. It stops about 3/16" short though so i turned the rubber gasket around (its thicker on top) and used that to seal the gap. It only sorta works haha....but i will fix it. In the meantime it is louder and plays with more authority then before. I mean, it is a new improved sub, but i also dropped down to .7 ohms per amp rather then 2. Even with RF CP amps, it still makes a difference. I love it though so far! here is a few pics and i will get started on a short install video. the first few pics are of the boys at Soundman picking up the prototype a few years back LOL. Doug is the only one besides me who did it. It's not the weight, its the technique. It's a hard ass sub to pick up if you do it wrong Kinda ugly behind the seat but that is all deadener, foam and everything else it takes to isolate the cabin from the trunk. I have ZERO, notta, none, no bass going BACKWARDS at all.
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    RAY: this is very cool of you to volunteer your time like that. ;)
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