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    Got to hear Kev's van yesterday. Shit was very loud! One of the amps kept thermalling though so we had to end the demo's early. But it was fun while it lasted
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    Decided to ditch my current box, got a custom built 4.25 cube that had two 8" ports (not sure what kind of 15 needs two 8"s lol). Box will be nice with a little modification, is already 1" MDF, double baffle, all corners 45'd and box is coated in glass. Some visual mods and one 6" port should be perfect! Also picked up some new X-overs, Phoenix Gold Pro Series 2 way's, actually better than the RF ones I had and got them for basically nothing. Will post some pics as I get more done. TONS of work to be done, no garage and highs of 38 degrees is all really slowing me down but since I have the equipment, I guess I will just deal with the cold :/
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    Just ordered a new radiator hose and 4 idler pulleys, time to start on the dual alt bracket
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    I use just windex on inside of engine bay. Do this about 2 a month to keep it like this. Plus some tire dressing on the inside black plastics trim pieces. Mechanic loves to work on it. (I take my hu though!)
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    SW is subwoofer, not steering wheel. Hook up to SW LOL ANd yes it does matter. The front and rear rcas are likely crossed over differently, not allowing lower frequencies through.
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    Robins doors are mclaren. He seems to like them.
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    You're fighting downhill battle. Please, stop.. "Sound pressure level (SPL) or sound level is a logarithmic measure of the effective sound pressure of a sound relative to a reference value. It is measured in decibels (dB) above a standard reference level."
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    So I got off my old butt and decided to do the alpha damp on the roof. I would have liked to do more but, I am sore and tired so headliner is going back in and its done.
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    Thanks for the props on the fit, it was a fun car! And Bigolsworth I am ex-military so you can def get a demo if you are ever down near Orlando, just hit me up via PM! Here is the box done, and MAN its freaking HOT outside! I am gonna hold off till tomorrow to swap out the box because I want to change how the batteries are sitting at the same time. More pics tomorrow after I get it swapped in!
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