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    Everyone uses the TI baskets and no one bats an eye. DC uses baskets similar to the sound-stream ones and everyone loses their minds
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    Got to hear Kev's van yesterday. Shit was very loud! One of the amps kept thermalling though so we had to end the demo's early. But it was fun while it lasted
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    Ya 3k is a big price tag to women. Not so much for us in this hobby. I just decided last night to go for it. I have to build so kick panels to house 8s from Q-logics for the sons GMC this winter and the more i thought about it the more i wanted 8s up front in my build so i pulled the trigger to get what i need. I really havent put much into the car this summer. New subs & Box = $400, CDT 6.5 mid bass speakers = $190, Crimping tool = $150, SHCA wiring & lugs = $100 Total = $790 Then the P3SD4-8s = $190, RF Grilles = $39, Stinger road Kill = $100, Mics supplies $100 = $420 And i Need another $200 for acoustic mat, foam spray, primer, paint = $200 = $1210 for the yr Pretty cheap i think. Total for the car has to be pushing 7k But hey its my hobby and thats in 3 yrs. I still pay my bills, take vacations and take care of the family.
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    Bought it last weekend when they were on sale at bLowes.
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    No, it's not really. If you can't do it in your head, then you do this TOTAL: $15.50 TENDER: $21.00 CHANGE: $5.50 So if you don't know how to pull a fucking $5 and two fucking quarters out the goddamn fucking drawer, you actually deserve a pay CUT, and owe some hardworking trees an apology for the oxygen you're stealing from them. EDIT: so it's harsh, but i'm not apologizing for getting angry these fuckers that do this all day don't have 2nd grade level math down pat.
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    ^^ Not just Wendy's, this has been happening to me more and more everywhere: When my total is like $15.50 so I hand them a 20 and a 1…and they try to hand me the 1 back. I'm not heading to the strip club at 9am, so please take my 1 and give me a 5. I gave it to you for a reason. Confuses some so much that they forget to give me the .50 back too.
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    hey I worked at Wendy's.. but got out because everyone there was a idiot this girl didn't know what change to give someone there order was 16.98 and they handed her 17$... People now a days amaze me Doesn't it do the math for you Lol
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    Ken knows my story. No need to elaborate but if you were in my shoes you would feel the same
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    Thank you sir, i am interested in how it turns out as well with the texture. Color match is my concern now. But i have a bunch of finish sanding before i get to that stage. And my goal will be for next summer to get another set of T3s to install all T3s instead of T2s in the doors. Hows your build coming? Nice!!! Oh its going...slowly...lol....i gotta upgrade my electrical, build some beauty panels, finish the doors, i got my subs in and I tried to go full tilt but that sht dropped down to the 11s so no more of that....anyways man...motivation is what im lacking at the moment, lets just say that im lazy....
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    Can you elaborate? Peaked my interest.
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    Not that i really wanna see this but
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    Girlfriend just sent me this
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    Dang bro, you gotta cut those nails.
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    Midget porn gonna be life size now ^
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