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  1. If you recall, sometime around June i got these subs to test out and play with. My CNC machine keeps me so busy, i hardly ever have time to do the one thing i bought it for, to build boxes. Weird huh? I make all kinds of stuff, but boxes are few and far between do the demand for the other items. I made a lot of stuff and got ahead of myself this week which gave me time to start the box for my two Pride ST 12" subs. I don't really have a vehicle to put them in right now but we will probably run these in Antheny's yukon since he is one of my best guinea pigs . Until he get's his 4 15" SMD Mini subs he is planning, we have an open canvas from his amp-rack back. In other words, i have 2 T2500.1bdcp on hand and it's just a quick box swap. I just gotta make the box! So here go's. This thing SHOULD be tuned to 34hz. I know i could tune it lower but i feel that is a nice sweet spot for a wide range of music. This is what the subs look like. It might LOOK like a box made of 1/2" MDF but look closer. It's 1" MDF with notched panels. These motors are so massive you have to wrap the 8ga direct leads around the motor a few times and then up into the basket out of the way. If you don't do that, you will not get it into the hole. All panels are notched to make for an easier build. It all goes together like a puzzle piece and makes it much nicer to work with.
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  2. the bracing is (2) 1" MDF (vented) and glued together. I misjudged my bracing a little bit (due to a late design change) but it's ok, i worked it out. Of course this thing will have SMD Neo Magnet quick release terminal cups. This thing will have a 1" Clear Acrylic window. For that, it has to be framed in. I notched the back side 1/8" so the mounting frame had a spot to sit. (not shown). It made it a lot easier to install it as i didn't have to measure/center anything. It just dropped right in it's little pocket. All i have to do now is get the Acrylic and mount it (once the box is done of course). Nothing is glued at all! except the L shaped port. And it isn't even glued in place yet. I also glued the two braces together but again, they aren't actually mounted in the box yet. This thing is like a house of cards ready to fall any second....although the notches made it a lot stronger than normal just sitting on the table. I plan on gluing it tomorrow if i get time. and no, the panels are not crooked or off. They are perfect. I think it shifted while we were putting the sub in. But it is clean, i will line it all up tomorrow before i glue it of course.
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  3. Jesus. Beautiful. Those the pics you showed at the show on your phone? Man that is a TIGHT, proper fit. Should be hella strong. Enclosure looks bulletproof. Fantastic work dude...... fantastic. Lets see it playing. Good shit man.
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  4. That's what I dig about you,always doing shit the right way..if you're gonna do it,might as well kill it..much respect.
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  5. Why does it look like there is gaps? Don't you have a CNC? Had to get it in before anyone says anything hahahah. This looks killer for sure man. I hope those subs perform as good as they look.
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