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    Couple of quick updates Finally decided how I will be running buss bars and ordered some 6101 T61 aluminum! I'll be running one bar down each side of the enclosure, they will wrap around the back and go across the whole back. Positive down driver side, negative down passenger side. The alternators will have short runs of 4/0 ofc from positive to a 0.5" x 2" aluminum distribution bar. From that bar will be 8-10 runs of 2/0 cca which will run to the front of the driver side buss bar in back. Negatives will be 4 runs of 2/0 cca from alternator frames to (2x) 0.5" x 2" buss bars that run across the top of the firewall (as well as some more grounds possibly). 8-10 runs of 2/0 cca will run from those bars to the passenger side buss bar in back The cap banks will be behind the box near the top with 0.25" x 1.5" terminals and will connect to the buss bars via multiple 2/0 cca runs. The batteries will be connected with 1 short run of 2/0 cca per terminal to the main buss bars in back. Mids and highs amps will be connected to the buss bars as well and will most likely be mounted to the top of the wall. The warhorse will be mounted just behind the cap banks with with 1/0 ofc from the amp to either the buss bars (possibly the caps but haven't decided yet) This will minimize the amount of wire I need to run. If my calculations are correct, I should have extremely low voltage drop at the back of the truck even running a full 640amps from the alternators. I also pre-registered for slamology and committed to a spot on my friend's semi trailer to haul this POS to Indianapolis for it! Now I really need to make sure this thing is ready to rock and roll by early June! Lmao Lastly, I forgot to post that I finalized my build options for my DC Neos a couple weeks ago! Looks like I should be receiving them by the end of the month or the first week of June. I'm super stoked for them to get here! I just really hope I made the right decision on coils...the 6th orders have ridiculous impedance rise and depending onot a couple of factors, it's possible that I'll only end up getting 1/2 the power outta the Warhorse. Unfortunately, if this ends up being the case, I won't have time to make any changes before Slam to remedy it. I really want to give a special shout out to Rusty for making sure I have my neos for Slamology! DC's customer service is absolutely incredible.
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    A few years ago, i caught wind of a popular "youtuber" (that i happened follow) talking about how he had recently had his entire system stolen. I was really feeling his pain because i have been there before. So without going into too much detail, because i didn't do it for attention, i did it for HIM, i will just say, i made it all right for him. He got all new stuff, he just had to go get it installed. It's been a few years and i have heard a few things about the new system, but i think he is just now kicking into gear and getting it done right. Check out his "new" install and trunk wall trim. Shout out to N.W. Audio in Northwest Missouri for a nice clean setup....and to the bro ONLYUSEmeBLADE, i am very happy you are back in business! She looks great! Enjoy man!
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    Slap the bitch that was holding it
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    some people, if they have a nickle they have to spend a dime
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    That'll buff right out.
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    No Yelp, just find the long line of millenials
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    Be thankful I'm not driving my car because I don't let any food or beverage in it
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    Two of new lines. Eco and LP. They created for everyone, who don't want spend a lot of money but want feel bass from Russia. Both made for mass segment of market(light price and great bass), both have true capabilities and made with a large margin of safety.
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    same rate, express lube being theee most stressful bullshit of the place atleast my hours aren't being cut like the entire express lube is 37 hours a week is BULLSHIT oh lets add i have to work at the express lube again on friday. it pisses me off that the very place i hate with my ever bearing soul and was one day away from quitting (kept getting my transfer date pushed back for parts dept.) keeps dragging me back
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    Little update. Got 2 packs of DC Audio DC Mat delivered last week! Have been trying to decide on what to run for mid bass since I wasn't super happy with how the 10s sounded sealed (lacked the mid bass punch Iwas hoping for) and I will likely not have room for them with the new wall. Ended up getting a nearly new skar 150.4 and 4 8" skar neo mids for a stupid good deal from a buddy so I figured I'd pick them up so I at least have something to toss in for slamology and while I figure out what I want to run Also got some more work done on the truck yesterday, wiring is almost done, didn't grab a picture though. More updates coming soon!
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    Trying to talk some sense into my friend Dude seems hell bent on blowing his entire fucking budget on a car. So far he's looking at a 2008 bmw m3, 2010 m6, and a 2017 wrangler. Apparently he didn't learn his lesson when he took a loan out to buy a watch and wasn't able to afford payments. Like... Dude... Never go 100% of your budget. If 1 thing breaks on the car or otherwise in life, you have NOTHING to fall back on. No wiggle room. This is going to be fucking painful to watch, he ain't listening.
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    This wire harness was inside my cousins wheel well and it fell down. I had to replace the main wire harness for the engine fuse box and it went to the fuse box in the car.
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    We were extremely busy in February. It's really good start of new year.
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    Volkswagen Passat B5.5 Subs 2 Pride UFO 415 Amp 1 Pride 10k [email protected]

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