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    Bass truck has been sitting for 4 months now. Michigan weather has been all over the place -20 to 60 in the last 2 weeks, so I go to check the voltage of my bank and guess what.... still sitting 16.5 like the day I parked it 4 months ago
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    Thanks guys. you're seeing version 2 of box wrap. I had no idea what I was doing with the first wrap and ruined it. Youtube welding vids FTW. those braces were my first try New amp rack and center console had to happen. Tired of being stuck in extreme and radical because amps passed the B-pillar I was tapping the steel bracing today and snapped the bit. Getting that out should be fun 1 1/2 holes of 11 tapped. Tested the lighting for the box before wrap 2 went in
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    Work moments... Some operation can be made by machine or by hands. Machine for spider assembling is too expencive, it will increace a price of subs. Our team is real old school, many of them have big hand-on expirience. They make it by hand, make it very neatly and precision.
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    All that then he creates an artificial seam. My OCD doesn't know how to feel about this.
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    Oh shit lol much much smaller than what Im familiar with
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    Good God Smoove, I love what I see so much words cannot even describe.........
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    I was working on construction sites but now I'm studying ? Tailgate is now fully bolted and it was time for spl test ? A lot of people thought I was faking those #cantrick videos so here's a proof ?
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    Definitely man hoping to have wall finished by then. Should be way more brutal
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    I only used about 4 of the wires on this harness which i soldered and heat shrunk. I then heat shrunk it all into a larger piece to keep them tidy.
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    https://imgur.com/gallery/6uKDn Got it done and in the van. I dont have a mic to test but sounds like ive doubled my output with the tline vs my old box, im sure it was a prefab i got from a buddy, it also seems to have better sq. Im happy with the way it sounds but would love to test it with a mic and know for sure the performance of it. Still debating on carpet or bedliner, leaning towards carpet that matches. I also need to mount the box to the van hence the tie down strap for now and mount the amp elsewhere.

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