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    Been for ever since i have updated. System has ran good for a few years now and the wife got a new ride this summer. 2017 Grand Cherokee TrailHawk, so the Malibu is mine plus i still have the Lancer which i plan to keep for a work car at least one more year. So Christmas was good to me and i received $550 worth of amazon gift card, And they are spent! Just ordered a Pioneer AVH-4200 NEX HU, Sound SKins deadening, Second skin butyl rope, PAC WSI-RC steering wheel interfac. I have the PAC GM11 installed already. A nice Dash Pad, Supplies for fabricating A-Pillars to house a set of 4" Focal Components. This will be this winters project and next summer save up for full interior sound deading, possible a JL Twk-88 depending on how good this HU sounds, still nice to have more processing and control imo. Needs new Battery, Big 3, 0 gauge runs to replace the 4 guage now. Pics of goodies when they arrive.
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    Proudly building the best quality alternators for 40+ years! Power Your Passion. http://www.Mechman.com
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    nobody around here has the same era F150 and used a kit that makes their unit look good in the dash. I will snap a pic and try to host it along with everything else, clearly this thread fucking sucks with no pics lmao. I just cant seem to find a site that lets you host pics these days.
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    Sounds good, not really going to hammer on it yet till I I get someone with a dd1 and cc1 to help me fine tune the amp. I am in the process of mounting the box to the platform as I am typing this.
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    2 suggestions to look at. I have the 830BT installed in the wife's mini and it sounds excellent powering some ct sounds strato PA components up front and soundqubed 6x9s in the back panel. really woke things up! i really liked all the tuning options on it too, everything from speaker size to time alignment to a 13 band eq. goes for both of the units im gonna link, just 2 different budget options. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N4H01KW/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.amazon.com/JVC-KW-M740BT-CarPlay-Android-Receiver/dp/B079MGC44Q
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    Hey all. Vote. Get on the stick. Dude is doing a neat thing here. Get in and vote. So many on this forum help, give spot on advise. Vote yo...
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    Scored this bad boy for $2k, 2005 f150 4.6 2wd, 180k on her but highly maintained. Got it off one of my customers. Runs like a champ and drives straight as an arrow. Came with the cap and the bedslide too, that stuff alone is worth more than what i paid for the truck.
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