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    Got box built, eneded up with 7.1 cubes at 29 hz. used 3.5 4x8 mdf sheets so is about 300-350 pounds lol. Looks pretty haggard but i cut it all free hand, didnt have a table saw or nothing lol. Used 3 inch screws and two bottles of glue, thing is like a tank. For a NSV4 18 on 5k power. shout out to Gregg for the box design and others who helped And happy 4th everyone. Sadly I’m at work.
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    Weekend Update: I was able to switch out amps and get everything up and running. My front ch went out a few days ago. I had it in stereo bridged mode so left front 8" mid-bass wasn't working. Bummer! At first i thought i blew the speaker. Its been 88 degrees and hotter the last 3 weeks so i assumed it overheated? Nope showing 1.5 ohms so that lead be to believe the ch on the amp went out. I need to improve this kick some. But for now i will enjoy. T400-4 out. Pull everything and start over. My RCA's where back wards on there length so the amps are mount reverse of how i wanted them. Oh well. The SI-2250 mounted. Done! The SI-850 is driving the P3 8" harder than the T400-4 did. But the T1500.1 is a way better amp than this SI- 2250. Still trying to tune it to make it sound better. I used the crimping terminals for speaker wires & remote turn on, color shrink wrap and loom to keep it looking pretty clean. Now to tune, listen and enjoy.
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    I wanted to update this thread, I just installed a ported box and it sounds a lot better. I'm trying to host a picture but it's not working very well. I'm thinking I want to go with bigger subs already Thanks for you help guys.
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    Truck should be going back together next week. I'm working on the roof, back wall and cab corners now. Roof has reasonix cld and also ballistic mat on the headliner
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    Haha ya with sub that’s like 430 pounds, good luck stealing that
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    My 7 cube box is birch and after I loaded the fi sp4 plus 18 in it I still needed a helper and a lift to get it in the Jeep. I'm glad I don't have to load your small planet in a vehicle. Upside is no one is going to be walking off with it.
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    I’m not really good at anything I’m what’s known as a typical fuck up
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    Nope I pay people. because I dont want to start punching things and ruining them
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    Ya i hurt my back loading the lumber the first time. Never again lol.

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