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    All that fancy hardware mounting the subs always sounds good, and in a perfect world will be according to plan. I like plans... but sometimes good enough is good enough in my exp. 2 XR 12's ought not tax those drywall screws too much. I'm using 1.25" coarse drywall on my setup currently. In a single ply Mdf enclosure I managed this so far with more changes coming... 50 lb single 18 clamping 3000+ so unless you're clamping mad power imo you'll be allright. Wow... all that bracing you've put in there... just wow
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    You’re right because i forgot about that wiring harness that goes to the ELD. Well from what you say i guess i should be ok with just doing the HO alternator upgrade and going to 1/0awg. If i still get voltage drops beyond 2v after that ill just tap into the ELD with the relay and switch method.
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    I use a mechman 240A on my Honda Civic 2008 (8th gen) and my voltage with and without the ELD is basically 14.2 on load, (before I just disconnected the ELD I use to vary between 12.8 [when the ELD went into low output] and 14.2 [when the ELD went into high output] but never beyond that.) If you want higher voltage I would talk to the guys at Singer or US alts to see if you can get anything externally regulated. Not really sure what your saying as far as the battery goes but the ELD will restrict your voltage regardless if you run straight from the alternator (+) to a battery (+). If you go beyond 1k watts you should really look into 1/0 wire instead of 4ga
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    I just got done doing that to my ‘19 road glide. Pretty damn nice upgrade from stock IMO.
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    that sounds like a really nice system to not have any pics of anywhere. Those A-pillars have to be super legit to hold those mids/tweets. Does the owner have any pics? Anyway, What head unit were you using? Factory? Kinda crazy you happen to have a Mosconi dsp just had "laying around" i have never seen one install the entire 10 years or more you been here. You need to post more! i wanna see man!! I mean you just ran out and grabbed some PPi 3 ways like nothing and slapped them in the exact same spot. By the way, i know those door panels very well. If you had the mid in the stock location, how was it mounted? Like i said, anyone who know's what they are doing should be able to make some Walmart mids/highs sound good. There has to be an explanation. Bummer you have no pics of any of it.
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    lot of the time the host server that holds the pictures has deleted the link due to inactivity, max hits, etc. Can only hope the original creator has a backup so they can re-upload it
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    Well I guess I really sent it when I sent my level 6 upon smoke literally lol.... Snapped the triple joint and actually the sub on fire a bit oops
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