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    I may pick some of this up and test it against the sound deadener showdown stuff.
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    No offense taken! The short answer is that it won't be right for every customer. Some people just want to bundle everything together. Some are looking for the best price no matter what. We felt that we had enough people asking for a Velcro-type solution, that it'd be worth offering the best version we could find. For those that value the convenience of getting everything at once, Dual Lock is there for you. If you'd like to get your deadener from Second Skin and adhesives from Amazon, we're all for that too.
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    I've installed tons of id65's & id69's, never ran them myself though. I have ran the cxs & xs line, and felt they were also impressive for the price. If it helps any, the whole ID coax/component line up is oriented around that warm natural european type sound, similar to dynaaudio,dls,cdt ect..
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    I am very pleased to announce a partnership with one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE brands Audiocontrol! I have loved this brand since WAYYY before i could afford it. Over the years i have used several of the crossovers, processors etc and always had great luck. I met these guys probably over 10 years ago at CES and was kinda floored that they knew who i was. That youtube thing....you never know who is watching. I am so glad they were as nice as they were to me because it sure sucks when you meet (a rep for) a favorite brand and they poo poo you off like you ain't nothin'. I would have been devastated! LOL. Anyway, all is well, they are amazing people and if you ever meet them they will give you the time of day. The product ain't bad either! Welcome my friends! Audiocontrol FTW!!!!!
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    Haha, yeah… I just re-read that and I sounded like a fact-bot. Check them out if you’re interested. It’s like 20 bucks for a handful of them cause the new product discount is so big (+free shipping).If you’re not impressed with them, I’ll drive to your house and pick them up.
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    nice! i was really just busting your balls anyway
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    Went with one sub to focus for on quality front stage speakers 4 the project. So much to do sound damp making doors into box’s but a small win is a small win... such small interior it kinda loud not trying to enter any comps just want it to sound good.. Stevens audio next.:. like the underdog starting his own thing.
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    Set everything to flat. Find max distortion at the headunit then at the amps
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