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    Let's check out Rockford's budget 500 watt monoblock and see if it's a worthy component to the Alpine MRV-M500 we've already tested... The Rockford Fosgate Prime R500X1D is rated to deliver 300 watts into a 4 ohm load or up to 500 watts into 2 ohms. The amp is not rated to handle 1 ohm loads and is optimized for 2 ohms or greater. Watch as we put this amp through the tests on the Amp Dyno as well as powering the 12" Lord of Bass sub inside the Gately Audio acrylic box. There is a new design of the Prime 500 coming out in 2020, we'll be sure to get one of those to try out as well. Disclaimer: I purchased this amp off Amazon and the video was not reviewed by any 3rd party interest. All of the opinions in this video are mine and not swayed by any corporate interest Watch Video in Full 4K UHD quality on YouTube or embedded below: .
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    great craftsmanship! That cap bank looks awesome!!
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    I have one. Let me see if my crew wants to dump it. Hold....
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    Fuggin 1157 at 1 ohm dynamic. Eat that for 130$ all you rf haters
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    Any updates? Box looks awesome btw. Good work.
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    Hi guys, long time no see. The Deaf Bonce subs are still going strong. Here are some vids of them in action. Haven't changed anything in a while, though I'm thinking of investing in some Yinlong LTO cells to replace my AGMs.
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    No more Lexus ES 350, 2019 Edge ST.
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    Box has been finished. Hopefully get it back in the car tomorrow. Need to remake my Amp Rack/ Battery Rack and find a place for my Super Cap Bank. The New Sundown SA-65CS v.3's will be here today, so i need to get them installed.
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    thanks a lot!! I think i am going to have something special (small, but very useful) for all the pre-orders! I'm waiting to find out if it will go through before i say anything. But i am trying!
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    This truck will never be used as a “heavy hauler” like a one ton setup. It’s strictly a weekend cruiser ...
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    Little update on the build. Fixed the the XS power cap bank, so its safe. Next warm day need to pull everything and do wire management. New Brand X alternator 270a, idles at 200a @ 14.8v (PCM Bypass). Next purchase will be 2 Sundown X-12's or to U-series
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    Not totally true. Ot all depends how you tune the amp there are guys which I know who are running a zapco 150.6 bridged on a set of tweeters. Another is running a set of tweeters off of a tru tech billet 4 bridged which is 300 watts. It's just all on how you set the gain. Usually in that case -10db will work awesome
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    Headlights have been finished last month and are a world better at night new non ebay ballests came in today and wont have night pics for a bit. But other update. Put a temp system in for a car show 2 weeks ago 2 sundown x 8s v3s on a sundown sae2k in a custom lowz enclosure, only did a [email protected] on stock alt and playing all day with car off. But now i has to go bigger on the real build. after that weekend system came out and my front door speakers to match my rears finally came in. But had to make adapters to make them fit more updates coming soon

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