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  1. Bringing this topic back up, they have came out with a new product that is made to go under the hood, lithium, can be used as a stand alone cranking battery, and 1 battery is good to 5000 watts with 200-300A alternator. They advised against going over 350amp in input current, and the battery is good for only 4000watts if input current is less than 200amps. So even guys with stock alternators could likely get some good current to their amp with one of these batteries. They also say it can be wired in parallel with 12v AGM batteries.... Though i personally still would not do that... But thats just me LOL I asked the company to verify everything, and then ordered mine. XS Power Titan8 UNDERHOOD SAFE BCI PWR-S5 12v Lithium Titanate Battery Weight Lbs. – 9lbs Voltage – 12VWattage – 5,000MAX Amps – 2,000Energy Wh – 120CA – 1,000ACA Pb Eq – 1,500AAh – 10Ah Pb Eq – 30
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