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  1. But, just because you can, doesn't mean you should! Different woods have different "rings" or resonant frequencies. Hexibase did an amazing videos showing the dampening effects of many different woods, and plastics (3d printed enclosures). Of these, mahogany actually had the best dampening effects, making it great for subwoofer enclosures. And to no surprise, Pine did the worst by far, only outdone by one of the plastics. And you argue about your port area being an effective means to combat the fact that your port wraps around the subwoofer. However, if you simply decrease the port area to something smaller, and more in spec with what the sub actually needs, then you wouldn't need such a long port. These small details, along with many others may not make a large or even noticeable different by themselves...but when you put them all together it really makes a HUGE difference in the overall quality. Its kind of on the same level as when an installer uses butt connectors and zip ties, or actual soldering, wire loom, and cloth tape. Sure, that one butt connector may not make any difference, but over the course of the entire installation, the more expensive and time consuming option gives ten times better results. In the install case, its visual. However, in your box designs, its literally performance. But, considering you are making boxes out of "cheap plywood" I'm assuming you are years away from learning these things. Keep at it. Just don't charge people for your work. I've been doing this for years, and have a degree in electrical engineering, and I still invite people over so I can hook their shit up to my equipment for free of charge.
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