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  1. but heres the thing, youre pulling two different currents (1 from each amp) and only have one (mediocre) alt...i mean it still SHOULD work, but your power is really being supplied by the alt...
  2. just a word of caution...stock alternators on a car arent meant to charge 2 batteries. L7's are power hungry so i'd look into a high output alt if i was u...adding a second battery does nothing but give u more playing time when the car is off...
  3. yea it sounds pretty loud outside the car. I just shot spray foam on the supports of my trunk to stop some of the rattling so well see in a couple of hours how good it works... I'm gonna dynamat it too but the first step is the foam
  4. hi...i have a ported kicker L7 12" in the trunk of my car and at first i faced them towards the front and they hit hard but i wanted louder. I then faced them towards the rear and it sounds alot louder....but it SOUNDS like the sub is actually hitting harder too... Is it hitting the same and just sounding louder or is it bc of the pressure of being sealed in the trunk is it hitting harder?
  5. Heres the deal...I had 2 RF 12" P1's in a sealed box @ 150 rms each....i got rid of em and now its about to be a 12" kicker L7 w/ 1000 rms running to it in a ported box @ 32 hertz... Just how much more looudness will i have from this new setup, because i will be downgrading from two subs to 1 square.... I'm just having a really hard time understanding ...Is it always more watts = more loudness?
  6. x2 on the ohm problem, if u have the manual for it, check 2 make sure your amp is bridgeable...some arent....also check to see what the ohm load can be on bridge mode...many amps can only handle safely a 4 ohm load bridged...i hope that helps a little...
  7. Thanx guys... i bought it off dimension audio...i didnt want to get a small square box that everyone nis trying to sell people. I figured if i was gonna drop some good money on a new sub i better put it in a pretty good sized box for it... Not too much bigger would fit in the trunk of my car
  8. Hey guys, I just bought a box for a kicker L7 12"...The box is 2 cubic feet (ported) tuned to 32 hertz. The box is being shipped to me now but I'm wondering what it will sound like...I've heard that the lower the tuning the better the quality but I'm not sure...please help!!
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