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  1. i like that idea of those options that the amp could have.would be great to know if your amp is gonna fry for too much heat.
  2. 2 15's can fit if your trunk is big enough so id do sum measuring before you get the subs cause if not then you'll be stuck with two 15s in your room just sitting there cause they dont fit in the trunk.or if not put then inside yet you'll have room for like two people in your car and car jackers will see inside and go "ohhhh i just found the system that i wanted".oh and word of advice BEFORE YOU BUY ANYTHING ABOUT SYSTEMS BUY AN ALARM wish i did that then i would have a system still. HATE CAR JACKERS
  3. hey this is joaquin im a newbie on this site nad learning more and more about subs and amps and all good sound system stuff from this site. found this site on meades videos he has on youtube i just LOVE his hoe and that new caddy. im a lil bass head and loves a good system mines still under construction but hopefully will be LOUD
  4. Hell yeah i say never screw you amp to your box for if you do just makes it easier to jack you.i didnt have it screwed down like that had it on the back seat yet my dumbass forgot the screwdriver in there so bye bye system took me forever to get all that money to buy that too ,so i feel this dudes pain.
  5. is it cheaper to build your box or to buy a pre fab one?
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