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  1. State police are the worst in my book. they think just because they have a badge and a fancy hat that they can do whatever they want. Its when you have that power and don't abuse it when you are responsible... I hate when I want to cook or bake something with the oven that you have to wait another 10-15 just for it to warm up.
  2. I've had bad experiences with cops so I do not enjoy their company very much
  3. When you see a cop car, not even if they're behind you they could be coming the other way down the street or just at a store, and you instantly get a quicker heart rate, clench your butt cheeks, check all your mirrors, let off the gas, turn your music down, turn onto a new street and then change up your route another 4 times, and after you do another 360 degree check you can finally relax and try to find your way to wherever you were going. Just because of ONE $#%@ police car. Hate that the most
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