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  1. Definitely buying a signed copy when this comes out! I've been waiting on this forever! Any chance for a pre order or anything like that?
  2. thanks for the replies! I was hoping that it was going to be a little underrated
  3. all the crossover is doing is separating the frequencies going to the woofer and tweeter. I'm not sure, but I dont believe you are actually hooking the coils of tweeter and woofer together.
  4. Okay so one of friend's bosses had a punch 40x2 laying around and he didn't want so he gave it to me. It's actually in fairly good condition and has both end caps, but is a little dirty. I know it's rated at about 20x2 at 4 ohms, but I was wondering if like some of the older RF amps that it is underrated. He didn't have the birth sheet for it so I was wondering if anyone could give me a round about number of the rms rating for it.
  5. well if you input the diameter of the port and the tuning you want along side of the dimensions of the box it will tell you if it will work or not. Example: if you put the dimensions in and put that you want a 4" port tuned to 35 Hz it will tell you if it is possible. If that configuration will not work it will say so in a dialogue box to the left of the calculator.
  6. First you need to figure out how big of an enclosure you are going to build. After you get the dimensions then you can figure out the port size and length that you need. You can use a subwoofer box/ tuning calculator like this to figure out what you need. http://www.bcae1.com/spboxnew2.htm
  7. I installed a level 2 12 in a guy's truck and I was fairly impressed with it. I'm sure 2 level 2 12's would out do the the cvr's, but just to be safe I think the level 3's would be optimal for what you are wanting.
  8. Just wondering but why would it matter about running active or passive. I would think that he would need one to monitor the sub amp, one on the front channels of the 4 channel amp and then one on the rear channels of the 4 channel amp.
  9. 1) measure after the LC1 with it turned all the way up 2) it will tell you which tones to use and they are 0db tones 3) yes 4) on both the front and rear channels it will most likely be the left speaker positive that will provide the output When you get the meter it will have a cd and it will tell you the tones that you should use to achieve sq, spl, or a compromise between both.
  10. I was wondering if it is possible for a person to become a sales rep for XS power. I get tired of seeing people that I know buy crappy batteries, and I want to help them out by selling them some XS power goodness. I wasn't sure if you could become a representative without owning a business, but I figured that if I never asked, then I'll never know.
  11. Always love when someone gets new door speakers and they turn loud on, max out the bass boost, and max out the low end of the equalizer. They tell you to listen to it and they're like," You hear that bass?! It sounds awesome!" when they're clearly clipping the shit out of the speakers.
  12. Learning about band pass filters and band reject filters is interesting, but I'm about to die from sitting here and listening to my teacher.

  13. ^what he said, most people running that amount of rms power usually have 1 upgraded battery under the hood and 2-3 batts in the rear, and I agree with alaskan if you make another run from the front to the back you should see some difference.
  14. I have a T1500-1bdcp and a T400-4 and I don't think I've ever had the rattling problem that other people are having, but now since I've said that I probably will lol.
  15. I think he said t3 not t5sHe said he was going to use T3s but since he didn't have them at the moment he used spare T5s to mock up the pods with
  16. Looking awesome! as always. Wish I had some spare T5's sitting around like that lol Would it be possible to make a body filler with the same properties as the Sunflash so you wouldn't need hardener?
  17. I love those things. Any chance of throwing some mud tires on it one day for some mud bogging action?
  18. It seems like I've seen more post in the past couple days bashing companies by people who have just joined than I've seen the entire time since I've joined.
  19. Like some of the other members have stated, you can't clamp a HO alternator at low RPM's and expect it to do the rated output. I think you need to clamp it at higher RPM's and do a little more testing on the alt. Also you need to make sure all the connections are good and tight. When I installed my alt and the big 3 I left one of the stock wires off and realized that the alt wasn't charging because that wire that I had left off also had a wire connected to it that went back to the alternator.
  20. You can order a replacement harness here. http://damoreengineering.com/partsstore.html
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