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  1. Yeah mine had some cat footprints on it. I was like "damn cant keep the prints of the outside of my car and now they will be inside too!" lol
  2. Just got my 32 sq ft B-stock order. First time I have ever used deadener. For B-stock this stuff looks great. There is about 1\3 inch of extra foil on the 2 long sides, but it cuts off really easy. The carrier obviously dropped the box twice, so I had to straighten it all back out, but other than the obvious damage from that, all of it was in perfect shape except 1 piece which is 80% useable. The foil was misaligned by about 2 inches so I have to cut the 2 inch of foil off one side and the 2 inch of butyl off the other. So anyone wondering about the B-stock, its a GREAT deal!! I also purchased the "speaker tweaker" kit which I have heard good things about. Now for the question: Is there anything special I need to do to the foil side of the first layer if I am going to do 2 layers (which I am in a couple spots)?? Thanks SS Your decals are going on tomorrow!!!! You guys are awesome
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