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  1. After having to deal with debit card nastiness I'll stick to a CC for everything. Plus the cashback incentives are pretty killer.
  2. Just the way he talks and acts like a BAMF doesn't sit well with me. Not to shit on his job, I'm all for that. But I've never heard anyone who has been in actual combat talk shit the way he does. He's also the guy that likes to talk about how his VW Golf will walk all over anything in a drag race.
  3. Army signal specialist (25U) talking shit about how many "sand niggers" he is going to kill....
  4. If you can find a local composites supplier they might be able to help you find UV activated resin, though it can get pricey. I'll take it as you didn't read my location... Mobile site doesn't allow such things
  5. If you can find a local composites supplier they might be able to help you find UV activated resin, though it can get pricey.
  6. Like how for almost every 3D printer on the market there are improvements you can make with printed parts....what a cool time to be alive
  7. They need more maps, hopefully they will atart using community made maps once forge comes out. I'll send an invite your way next time I see you on, internet has been giving me hell the past 24 hrs though. Getting kicked from parties and games a ton, making it hard to want to play a whole ton.
  8. Fuck me, competition is stiff in the Onyx division. Played wth some of the top 200, barely keeping up. So far the ranking system seems to work great.
  9. Anyone else get ranked in arena? Finished my prereq games for slayer and swat, got put on Platinum 1 in slayer and Onyx for swat.
  10. This 100%. The purpose of deadener is to reduce/eliminate panel resonance. Closed cell foam is a decoupler. Mass loaded vinyl or MLV does just that, adds mass. Guys that do multiple layers are only achieving adding mass when they do it. Many guys think multiple layers are better, not knowing how deadener works.Read up on CLD tiles(butyl backed deadener), MLV and CCF , BEING used together. Bingo. Throwing more and more deadner in is not the solution.
  11. Having a decent size group to play Warzone would be fun as fuck all, just sayin
  12. It's really fast paced and exciting, worth a try for sure. MP is my jam though, I'll add ya tonight.
  13. Pulled an all-nighter playing the campaign last night, I love it. It's different for sure, but holy shit is it badass. Multiplayer has been killer as well. The new abilities are really fun, but still really balanced. Overall I'm a fan. 343i won me back.
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