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  1. Main differences are the games and the controllers. If you have friends with each give em both a try.
  2. Wether what he did was technically legal or not doesn't matter, he ruined what would have been a fun contest for a lot of people because he was being a selfish prick.
  3. Explain why a 1200w amplifier will rarely see 600w, and I'm not being facetious. Maybe I'm missing something about impedance. I assume he means when playing music, because the power output will vary a lot depending on the sounds you are trying to produce.
  4. Okay, so what is it you want to know about DC subs then? As I said a level 2 could most likely get louder than the Kicker, level 3 and up most definitely. They do cost more, you get what you pay for. That said, shop around. You have time to do some research, and I don't think fixating on one specific brand is a good idea. EDIT: Also call them up. This is their business, they will not mind answering questions for you.
  5. If you want SPL on a budget check out Soundqubed. They aren't a super high end brand but they make good products, and they have fantastic customer service.
  6. I would imagine level 2's would be louder than the CVR's, but it would also depend a lot on amp and box.
  7. Actually you were issued an RMA # to send it in for examination; we cannot make a decision without seeing the product. This sounds a tad more like what I would expect, or at least what I would hope.
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