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  1. You could try to kreg jig it maybe. Depends entirely on how the piece is situated.

    Also for future reference, resin alone won't add worthwhile strength to wood, it's way too brittle. If you're going through the mess of resin add a bunch of chop mat, three or four layers at least. It's hardly any extra work for a big payoff (if you're already laying up straight resin, for a smooth finish or whatever.)

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  2. That's fucking dope. Lol.

    On the topic of fan controllers, anyone here ever experimented with fan controllers meant for PC's? I've been eyeballing a few lately thinking they could be really nice for keeping an eye on amp temps, and having control over fan noise.

    lame. Get a TM-1. I have used pc controllers and they are almost all junk and even then you don't get the three stage temp output of our product. On a side note, ours CAN be used in PC's and have. :)

    Aha, I'm just now realizing you clowns beat me to my idea. Definitely buying one once I have some cashish ready. Lol.

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