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  1. I'm still on the fence about a 6.5 grendel. After getting the 6.5CM I really want to shoot one and see how they compare.
  2. My buddy picked up the super a while back, thing is fun when it wants to work.
  3. I'll admit, first thing I did when I got home with my new gun was get online and look at ugrades. Shit adds up though. Plus the gun shoots better than I can as is.
  4. You could try to kreg jig it maybe. Depends entirely on how the piece is situated. Also for future reference, resin alone won't add worthwhile strength to wood, it's way too brittle. If you're going through the mess of resin add a bunch of chop mat, three or four layers at least. It's hardly any extra work for a big payoff (if you're already laying up straight resin, for a smooth finish or whatever.)
  5. I saw Tikka has a new rifle, looks like direct competition to the RPR. Almost wishing I had saved a few more pennies and not got the american. Still haven't gotten to the range yet with it, but I got tomorrow off so I'm hoping to get out.
  6. My new 870 as well as a buddy of mine both have extraction issues. His is terrible, it jams most every shot with cheap ammo. Mine is not so bad but every dozen or so with cheap shells. Also the finish is fucking awful on mine, thing rusts way too easy. Edit: That said I think it's a relatively easy fix, little bit of dremel work on the barrel from what I found on the interwebz.
  7. A dude at Cabelas today saw me looking at 6.5 bullets and knew what I was up to. We sat and talked a bit, he's shooting .243 and wishing he had gone 6.5. Planning to go shoot tomorrow, got two different factory loads to try.
  8. Cabela's has a sale going on for the Vortex Viper HS 4-16x50 LR for ~$450, which is a damn good deal. I wish I had of seen it before I bought mine. Shit, that's probably what I'd rather have. Might have to go look later.
  9. Now the question is do I spring for a new scope. The guy at Cabelas told me he could hook me up with a Vortex HST for $250, though I'm not sure wich model.
  10. Picked up a Ruger American Predator in 6.5 CM yesterday. Need to get some scope rings then see how it shoots, but initially it seems pretty decent for the price. Potato pic but it's nothing special to look at anyway.
  11. Pretty sure I've seen it done on a Ford 5.4. You'll see most people go the GM route though
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