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  1. Hope you guys are enjoying the Christmas season! :)

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    2. strangeduck


      hope you are too taylor

    3. Miguels


      It hasn't felt like Christmas since I turned 18.. It's just not the same

    4. EP95


      no tree, lights, decorations, 70 degrees outside. if it wasn't for commercials I wouldn't even know it was Christmas

  2. So guys I have made alot of changes and alot of updates. However, most of my updates are downgrades as I got into an accident with my car and it made me realize how easily I could have just lost my entire investment. So I have decided to retrogress back to a more minimalist setup. I have gone back to stock electrical and now only have one 4 channel running, the Kenwood XR-400, the Crescendo Mezzo component set bi-amped. The biggest update I have is that I redid my apillars and they look a hell of a lot better. This time I carpeted it them to finish them; so much easier than wrapping and still looks great! Also, to me, the sound quality is amazing! I'm sure its far from competition grade sound quality, but for my daily driver it is perfect! Sounds so much better than what I had before and other pro audio setups I have heard. Also, great news, I got rid of ALL of alt whine! Lastly, I have stopped using peel and seal. Not because it didn't work or smell, but because Knu Kolossus deadening ends up being cheaper after you factor in the thickness. Only need to put down a single layer too! Anyway, that's my story for anyone who cares to read this!
  3. Dude beautiful box! That trunk liner looks great!! You should post a pic of what the car looks like on the outside too!!
  4. I started one a while back, then I realized how much I wanted to redo (cuz my first glassing looked like sh**) and not having a job while at college = NO PROGRESS But...I have so much planned out ahead hehe...all in due time....at least thats what I keep telling myself lol
  5. And its that reason I gravitated towards your build! A front stage can make or break a system! And only trial and error will get you the best results! Keep doing you man!
  6. I wasn't accusing him, I was just curious. I don't know what ToNasty's goals are...true cablguy sq or loud and clear "sound quality" that is pleasing to the individual. I'm just trying to get an idea of what T.N. is going for!
  7. They look pretty nice!! So I have one last question/comment. If you are doing a sound quality build, how is a Sundown ZV4 going to help you get there? Isn't that sub geared pretty strictly towards spl?
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