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    Dubstep, car audio, computers, football and of course the gym.
  1. Hope you guys are enjoying the Christmas season! :)

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    2. strangeduck


      hope you are too taylor

    3. Miguels


      It hasn't felt like Christmas since I turned 18.. It's just not the same

    4. EP95


      no tree, lights, decorations, 70 degrees outside. if it wasn't for commercials I wouldn't even know it was Christmas

  2. That Nexus 7 is really temping to put into my dash!

  3. Is it normal for a stereo installer's pay to be 100% commission based? It sounds like a pretty bad deal if you ask me...

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    2. Taylor Cascio
    3. bolanorthhighlands
    4. bolanorthhighlands


      the other way around would b to get hourly wage and no commission? and get paid without doing installs?

  4. My 4th of July spending is about to get crazy! haha

  5. The retail price for these speakers is 800 bucks. I imagine the actual cost is much cheaper. I am wanting to know if any of you guys know what a good price to pay for these is before I go walk into some local dealer and tell me they cost 800 a piece. Any estimates or ideas?
  6. Hoping I can get a job at a local stereo shop! :D

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    2. Karkov


      Best of luck, truly wish you the best. love this hobby!

    3. Taylor Cascio

      Taylor Cascio

      I am going to try sales and see if I can work my way to to install since I don't have any professional experience under my belt.

    4. juan777
  7. Not sure if it is worth posting after all you long time vets lol but... Nov 2014 and Tallahassee, FL
  8. They lack alot of bass though, can only play down to 100Hz...but they do sound good. The soundqubed pro audio 6.5s sound great and are really cheap, but thats just me.
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