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  1. It definately increases the temp when running the stereo hard, not sure if its jsut the alternator heating up and causing the temp sensor to go up or if its heating up the coolant thru the radiator hose running directly on top of the alternator i idled the car for 30 mins and drove it for 20 mins with no stereo playing and temp stayed around 1/3 on the gauge,starting hammering the bass and it quickly rose over half way on the gauge and stayed up
  2. now im running at 14.5 volts instread of 14.0 maybe that has something to do with it?
  3. think i may buy one of those radiator caps with the temp guage on it and see what it reads at
  4. I gotmy mechman 320 billettech unit into my 84 ford mustang with a 92 5.0 engine and wired it all up,works great stereo hitting pretty hard, havent dropped the real amp in yet (5k). I have noticed since the install the engine temp seems to run hotter on the gauge and creeps up even more when bassing hard for longer periods of time. wondering if this is normal? the car has not overheated or anything it just used to run around 1/3 on the gauge now it gets up over halfway. the radiator hose runs right across the top of the alternator and i do have some heat wrap around it there
  5. Ford guy here, 84 svo mustang with a 92 5.0 engine Already got my 320 amp hairpin, just waiting to get box made...
  6. sweet nice test, appreciate anyone doing amp dynos, I wish all companies showed them dynoing their amps on their websites.
  7. sweet i got some,not sure where im going to run them yet maybe on each side of the fiberglass cowl hood, wont be starting build until spring but gathering materials now, only need a few things yet like wiring,batteries,and the wall/enclosure
  8. there are some advantages to having a 3 inch coil instead of a 4 inch coil haaa
  9. of course i enterd, and entered sonic claus too lol, if you see a system named riddik on sonic claus vote it up
  10. looks so damn clean i feel like i new to shine my engine bay up or soemthing now lol... it wont go in till after winter though
  11. Alternator showed up! , no mechman stickers though looks very nice!!! Thanks Mechman! getting pumped for my build now, ordering sub this friday
  12. no vs thread u prolly get shut down like my 6 10s benefits over 1 18 thread got locked
  13. right but if all the inside of the panels are deadened with a cpl layers wouldnt that basically make it a pretty tight seal to the door and block off those access holes anyways?
  14. about 8 years ago i deadened my vehicle with some deadener, instead of putting anything on the metal i deadened the backside of all the plastic panels and then reinstalled them. it certainly helped (tested on termlab higher then pre deaden) and also eliminated many rattles inside and outside the car looking to do a vehicle early spring and was just going to deaden the backside of all the panels again anyone have any input on this?
  15. lol wild shit. when they start beatin on the car the driver can react as if his life is threatened and do whatever he wants but not sure about when he first plowed into people
  16. pretty impressive, did you have to pay the shipping back to xs? or the shipping for the new unit from xs? Not sure if its true but i think alot of competitors on the top tier use whatever they can get for free from the top lvl companies,or at least the best deals. I would think the best equipment is pretty close to each other unless they have patents on technologies that raise their product above the competition hence why i was asking about patents
  17. Just wondering about the trolling because I will go right back at them if so. I like having a lil fun too. Yea im on the site watching some vids cool stuff
  18. was thinkin about running 1 in the hatch of the car, i will check the site videos for sure kylar your mother needs you to take your medications and go to bed to get up for middle school tomorrow. I am new to this forum but do people regularly troll on here without repercussions?
  19. Just wondering What technology makes these batteries different/better then other manufacturers offerings? What patents does xs power have? How long has the company been making/researching batteries/battery technologies What makes them different from other high end battery offerings? Interested in a 3100 battery for my car but also looking at kinetik and batcap offerings
  20. whats bottom dollar price on those d3100s? 370 bucks for a car battery? mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
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