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  1. Hi. Not sure if this is where to post this but I can't figure out how to post pics. I will be happy to pay for a membership fee if that's all it takes. Since the photo bucket thing ended I haven't figured out imgur I am super frustrated. I just want to post a build log. Any help would be much appreciated.

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    2. Ron36


      I bought a gold membership and it’s just copy and past way better then the old way , worth every penny and I’m an idiot on a computer 

    3. s5300


      Imgur works just fine. Click on the picture you uploaded to imgur, copy the "Direct Link" and paste it in your forum post. 

    4. alex912005


      postimages.org   Pictures that I uploaded here 3 years ago still work. No need for an account here and you can resize pics too.

  2. Just got my G26 and love it. The Pearce extensions are awesome but for some reason I'm actually getting tighter groups with the flush stock magazine even though my pinky is just curled up under the mag. I also got a G19 magazine (10 round.. CA...) with the X-Grip shroud and that works really well too. Love the Baby Glocks!
  3. I inadvertently posted a new topic with a stupid title before it was ready and it won't let me edit the title or repost it in a better place for more exposure. I really think some of you will want to see this.

    1. WalledSonic


      Your FAP CHAMBER 9000 also looks like a death trap. Im pretty sure in an enclosure that small, you will run out of fresh air before you take a break from gaming. IJS. Neat concept tho

    2. Ron36


      I like the bass chamber but didn't see any beer holders

    3. Knocker


      The inflatable chair has a cupholder. It was their biggest selling point.

  4. If you have to buy a new one you might wanna check out the PSC15 for $200. Basically does the same thing as yours but can also be used as a 15 amp power supply and has recovery mode as well. There's also the PSC30 and a PSC60 if you wanna spend more and need more power. A lot of people are using those now and seem to be happy with them, including myself. I love my PSC15. Good luck man
  5. Oh thank god for you guys. I'll take the lowest bid and pay for overnight Fed Ex shipping.
  6. I charged my new D7500 (sitting for a bit but never used) from 12.6 last weekend. The initial float charge was 13.1, but rose to 13.4 by day's end. Over the last week it has slowly risen to 13.8 while still in float mode. Is this something to be concerned about? The manual says is should be floating at 13.56 volts. My garage is about 65 - 70 degrees right now. Here are some exciting pictures of the voltage progression...
  7. Four Alpine 6012 (made by Gauss with 4 inch coils) 12" subs in the back of my '89 Honda Civic. All sealed at 1.4 cubes per driver for a QTC of .505 each. Sounded amazing. Alpine tech support told me on the phone that a smaller box (.8 cubes per driver) would yield a QTC of .707 and I'd be "boomin down the street like a minitruck" and was unacceptable! Soundstream TC 303 tape deck Sony CDX A-20 ten disc changer with remote in headliner Alpine 3321 11-band graphic eq Soundstream active crossover 24 dB slope on low pass, 6 dB slope on high pass Monolithic PA 5000, 500 watt (250 per channel at 4 ohms, 1 ohm stable) with two subs parallel on each channel ADS PH15 300 watt (50 per channel) six channel on mids, highs, and woofers under passenger's feet 4 Alpine 6012 12 inch subs 2 ADS S7 7 inch woofers under passenger feet 4 Boston Acoustics 5 1/4 mids 4 Boston Acoustics 1 inch soft dome 142.2 dB A-weighted Installed by Soundsations. Newhall, CA. 2nd place in 501-1000 watt amateur class at Devonshire Downs IASCA competition 1990, Got beat out of first place by an Al and Ed's install with 12" Bazooka bass tubes and access to an RTA My favorite cds to show it off were Bachbusters and Rush Moving Pictures....oh and the Alpine test CD... "Planet Krypton"!!!!!!! OK I'm done.
  8. Due to major neck surgery I have had to put my project on hold for a long time. My D7500 is one year old now and never used. I charged it to 13.1 about six months ago (from the 12.6 it was at) with my PSC15 and now the voltage has slowly fallen back down to 12.6. I want to charge it again but don't know if I should discharge it first somehow. So that is my question... charge it? Or discharge and then charge it?
  9. It's possible to test your RCAs without pulling them or your head unit out. Get an RCA female left and right to stereo female 3.5 mm adapter and plug it into the male end of the RCAs that go to your amp and then plug in a cheap pair of headphones. DO NOT PUT THEM ON OR IN YOUR EARS!!! Your head unit puts out 2 volts and will fuck up your ears and headphones. Start at the lowest volume and slowly turn it up and listen... you will be able to tell if you have signal coming through. If not then you have a broken RCA or another problem somewhere in the signal flow before the amp.
  10. So you disconnected your power, ground, remote lead, and RCAs and hooked them up to your brother's amp. When you did that did his amp work properly? If so then I would disconnect everything and reconnect it to be sure it's done properly. If it still doesn't work it's possible that a cable broke internally when being manipulated. That happens very easily especially with thin cables.
  11. Just charged my brand new D7500 for the first time with my brand new PSC 15 Intellicharger. I was under the assumption that the float charge was going to be 13.56 volts. When the charger said FULL after a few hours the display was flashing between 13.2 and 13.3 volts. After I disconnected the battery from the charger I tested the voltage with a multimeter and it read 13.11 vdc. Is this normal voltage for a first time charge on the D7500? The battery tested at 12.66 vdc before initial charging.
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