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  1. toyonbags

    need box design for 4 SA-15's

    that is exacyly what i was looking for !!!!! thanks so much , really appreciate it ?
  2. i need a box design for 4 SA-15's , will be running it off an Orion XTR2500 , it's for a 2002 chevy s10 blazer , Joe X designed a box with the port going across the bottom , would like the same design (subs up, port back, tuned around 35 hz. my dimensions i'm working with are 37'' width 20-21'' height and hopefully depth is 50'' or less. thanks so much edit ; if the 4 Sa 15's dont work in that space , i will opt for 2 Sundown X 18's run off that same amp
  3. i like that mini yota, i got an 86 x-cab regular bed and im eventually gonna drop it, bag it and tuck it

  4. yeah they haven't made a bag to hold 1000-1500 psi yet , but air bags will definitely hop higher than hydro's , if you don't think so , you haven't opened your eyes ........
  5. is that a 383 stroker ?? should be sweet
  6. you are correct , comparing them is apples to oranges . my point was comparing both to the extreme
  7. looks like a helper bag setup , tell me that is what that is !!!
  8. post up some pics of the work that is already done .... OR
  9. dude is all over the place with this, maybe when he makes up his mind , or if this is even happening ....
  10. all i have to say is good luck with your build
  11. leveling systems are for hot rodders , i would never even think of using one ............
  12. what the fuck are those about ??
  13. if he did bags bags behind the axle , he would have to use sleeve bags . if you guys are forgetting (i just said it 2 posts up ) the gas tank is behind the axle !!! sleeve bags don't get that much lift and have to be restrained by the shock or they will tear them selves apart .
  14. looks like your gonna have to deck the hood !! and when i said a 2 link , i wasn't talking about the shit Ekstensive does !!!! the lower bars with bags on them made out of 3x3x1/4" and that watts link should hold 500 hp , no problem . are you gonna throw in some chrome accents under the chassis to contrast all the black ??? would look sweet