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  1. amazing deal !!! will be ordering one on friday , going in a 2002 s10 blazer , going to be powering 2 orion amps ( 1500.1DZ & 500.4 ) the sale is perfect timing .cant wait ...
  2. that is exacyly what i was looking for !!!!! thanks so much , really appreciate it ?
  3. i need a box design for 4 SA-15's , will be running it off an Orion XTR2500 , it's for a 2002 chevy s10 blazer , Joe X designed a box with the port going across the bottom , would like the same design (subs up, port back, tuned around 35 hz. my dimensions i'm working with are 37'' width 20-21'' height and hopefully depth is 50'' or less. thanks so much edit ; if the 4 Sa 15's dont work in that space , i will opt for 2 Sundown X 18's run off that same amp
  4. i like that mini yota, i got an 86 x-cab regular bed and im eventually gonna drop it, bag it and tuck it

  5. yeah they haven't made a bag to hold 1000-1500 psi yet , but air bags will definitely hop higher than hydro's , if you don't think so , you haven't opened your eyes ........
  6. you are correct , comparing them is apples to oranges . my point was comparing both to the extreme
  7. looks like a helper bag setup , tell me that is what that is !!!
  8. dude is all over the place with this, maybe when he makes up his mind , or if this is even happening ....
  9. leveling systems are for hot rodders , i would never even think of using one ............
  10. if he did bags bags behind the axle , he would have to use sleeve bags . if you guys are forgetting (i just said it 2 posts up ) the gas tank is behind the axle !!! sleeve bags don't get that much lift and have to be restrained by the shock or they will tear them selves apart .
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