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  1. i only use Knu kolossus Fleks 1/0 power wire , but was looking for some quality 10 ga wire so i ordered some from skyhigh in black and red , 10 ft length , i receive the wire and its black and blue . i call them to tell them that their shipping dept. is not paying too close attention to the orders they send out but i figure that i'll use it anyway . i read some reviews from skyhigh and most reviews state that they give you extra wire than you ordered so i think cool , let me measure mine , well i only got 9'4'' of wire from a 10 foot order ! last time i'll order from them . anyhow , from now on i'll only buy tinned OFC wire . for price and quality , you can't get much better than KnuKonceptz...
  2. put a d2700 in there , you should be able to fit it
  3. i guess i'll wait till my amps are hooked up and install the regular stinger volt meter i also have and hook it up to front battery (Odyssey 1500) and that way i can get a more accurate reading of my voltage , thanks for the replies !
  4. cigarette lighter (stinger plug in volt meter)
  5. i purchased a Mechman 240 for my 2002 blazer awhile ago for a system i've been procrastinating finishing up but did install the alt . so its not getting much load, just oem draw on it but when i plug in my usb battery reserve (to charge cell phone's and such) my voltage drops .2-.3 volts as my voltage is otherwise steady at 14.2-14.3 so its dropping to 14-14.1 , is that normal??? i do have the big 3 done with knu fleks 1/0 . thanks for any advise as i'm concerned for when i do finally get around to hooking up my amps (Orion XTR1500DZ & Orion XTR500.4) that there might be an issue.
  6. i also have a blazer and am about to do the big three , i see you didnt fuse the power wire to the alternator , do you think it should be fused ?? i know it's only a 12''-14'' run of wire and to me , putting a fuse between seems not nessasary , is that what you thought ?
  7. amazing deal !!! will be ordering one on friday , going in a 2002 s10 blazer , going to be powering 2 orion amps ( 1500.1DZ & 500.4 ) the sale is perfect timing .cant wait ...
  8. i like that mini yota, i got an 86 x-cab regular bed and im eventually gonna drop it, bag it and tuck it

  9. good luck then , hope it turns out the way you want it , just keep in mind what i said
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