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  1. nah I'm over it figured id ask questions because i don't know it all but I'm not a complete noob just never strapped amps before and seen ONLINE the subs were taking well over half the Rms and i wanted to know how simple question dickhead answers
  2. Thanks guys for being real fucking helpful..yea they were right this forum is full of audio gods i strapped it and turned it all the way up like you said and it slaps bro i mean it really slaps the sub smells tho but thats normal when you hit 150 db right i really mean it you guys are awesome for all the top notch advice especially the guy that hit 125 db thats about as loud as my farts but you must have a winter setup still in its understandable you know gotta stunt hard for the summer get hella bitches hopefully i do pussy hair tricks and later on I'm gonna strap an boss phantom 5k and just fucking destroy windows hopefully it gets me to 170db but once again thanks for all the great fucking tips
  3. why am i seeing guys push 3500 k to an x-15 i have clean power with the one 1500 watt amp but its asking for more power
  4. hey guys i have 2 SCV-1500 strapped on a D2 sub would i kill the sub or amps if i wired the sub to 1 ohm
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