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  1. T1500.bd-cp for sale, anyone?

  2. anyone out there? lol

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    2. audiofanaticz


      Si, have you got back on them rollerskates yet?!?

    3. ROLEXrifleman


      What's up Bro Kyle! All good on this end, hope you been well too. Nothing is like it was in the good ole days is it 😔


    4. Kyblack76


      Its just change. But ya dude,.. its a bit sad.  I don't/won't do other social medial stuff,....no twitter, no anything. Boards/sites like these are just dead because of other types of "net working" , or sharing.  It does bum me out, but, thats how the world turns these days. 

       Stay gold bud.....  

  3. Whats a fair price to ask for a NIB DC 175.4?

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    2. Keith77


      Damn things are $600 now

    3. Skullz


      Depends on how fast you want to sell it.

      Price it to sell and it will go, price to get as much of your money back, and it might take a whole lot longer.

    4. ROLEXrifleman


      Thanks for the info guys.

      Been working my ass off lately. You know how that goes!

  4. Guess who's having rotator cuff surgery

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    2. Broke_Audio_Addict


      Quit beating the suspects so hard.

    3. Karkov


      ^^^ perps get a free pass for couple months :peepwall:

    4. SnowDrifter


      Jacking the beanstalk too much?

  5. anyone got a scrap piece of tungsten laying around? 1"diameter, 2" long

  6. anyone with Carfax, can you help me out with two vins

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    2. ROLEXrifleman


      and my data base dont tell me how many wrecks a car has been in



      lol jus jokin , yes sir ! bump !

  7. almost smoked the amp dino! gotta watch those temps!!!! btw, old school mtx.... BEAST

  8. for all you gun guys...i just uploaded a shit ton of pics on instagram. go check them out!

  9. got my ass whooped today. and it'll be getting kicked through Friday

    1. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      Man..... I think I feel your pain. I been dealing with a kidney stone for some time now and had no clue what it was. Like a dumbass I didn't get it checked out until recently. This is some of the worse pain ever and if those gasllstones are worse....... my god, just keep taking the norco or hydrocodone, lol

  10. guess who had gallbladder surgery now!

    1. Jessica


      obama? please let it be obama

    2. Skullz


      Still in the hospital?

  11. working on a good size build, but it ain't audio

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    2. _paralyzed_


      Portable Dick Warmer?

    3. Kyblack76



      And I'm intrigued. I dig your style H

  12. Guess who she is yet?

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    2. OrionStang


      Not bad for 58. I remember getting caught by my dad looking at his Vanna White Playboy issue.

    3. Miguels


      she still looks legit.. now i get why he said the wheel of fortune girl lol

    4. BigManAC


      haha I didnt know the name just the face

  13. Chicago land and Northwest Indiana guys. DC5k gotta go. hit me up. Will be placing an add later this week but it will still be a local sale only

  14. worked on everyone's car but my own this weekend, what a shock

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    2. audiofanaticz
    3. ROLEXrifleman


      You drive to me, lets do this

    4. audiofanaticz


      there is no rear end, leafs, gas tank, shocks.

  15. why is it that all the Spanish flea markets have old school heart throb playing in the background? if i hear one more tka, Cynthia or Johnny o sing I'm a kill a mutha.... that or fucking polka music

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    2. _paralyzed_


      Where's bola? I though he was the go to guy for the flea market dl.

    3. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      Lol, he would end up getting beat up out here

    4. ROLEXrifleman


      Forever amor, ohhh baby tonight's the night I want you for myself

  16. just ordered 2nd box of Roadkill

  17. six flags great america time

  18. Been listening to Straight Outta Compton all day

    1. moredbs


      i think i listened to it everyday on my sony walkman with stanton headphones back in the day.

  19. And here start the medical bills coming in!

    1. Karkov


      My estranged wife went to the ER on Sunday because she couldn't breath, the admitted her and she is still there...what do you think that bill is gonna be like? lol

  20. ive tracked the mighty Cecil to a couch in the living room. can't tell if she's bled out our catching her 2nd wind. i will approach with caution

  21. my wife just put on leopard print panties, but she's on the rag. i called her Cecil the lion and i was gonna track her for 40 hours and finish her off. she was not amused

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