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  1. according to the birthsheets they all play around 3000w rms @ 1 ohm planning to wire every sub to 1 ohm each. Will the CP still outperform the BD at 1 ohm if the values are almost equal? But by setting each amp separately, means i can use the pass thru? no matter bd or bdcp?
  2. if they are all in separate chambers go for it... no box rise issues across subs and each amp is on its own sub so no need for special tuning because it will be like running 3 systems in the same car..... just sounds like you will be needing one hell of an electrical system Upgraded my alternator to a mechman 370A and i'm going for two extra batteries Yellowtop 75ah. just hoping its enough.
  3. why wouldn't i get the best performance? I was thinking about each amp putting out around 3000w rms. each powering their own sub. and the 3 subs all in separate chambers.
  4. Because the sticker on the back says t2500-bd. and the badge on the front has bd written in grey. The bdCP has bd written in red
  5. Hello Readers I have a problem about linking t2500 amps First off i had a t1000-1bd powering two kicker subs. Then i bought a t2500-1bd making a big step up in making power. But by experiencing the difference that it made. I bought another t2500 near my home. Later i found out the second one i bought was a bdCP and did some research. i read somewhere that it isnt possible to link the bd and bdcp together. So with my impulsive behavior and craving for bass i bought another t2500 on ebay. Made sure it was a bdCP so i could use it with the new one i got earlier. When it arrived at my place turns out i got a bd. (Still in a discussion with the seller about it. On the pictures it clearly was a bdCP)​ ​ Now i have 2 t2500-1bd and 1 t2500-1bdCP. I can link the two bd's together and have 5000 w RMS. Which is double the amount of what i have now. But in my mind i am thinking about using all three of them each powering its own subwoofer. Considering the difference it made when i switched from t1000 to the t2500. Is there a way to use all three? by using the pass trough and set all of them single? or in some way i didn't think about? Can i split the input signal to all three amps?
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