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  1. 1 hour ago, AaronT said:

    Once it's all said and done and you tweak the settings, recheck max clean volume on dd1. And adjust gains again


    A lot of people disagree with this but think about this... You just set your games with your deck flat Max head unit volume. what do you think's going to happen to the maximum flat setting as far as gain is concerned when you add a bit of EQ in tweaking to it it's going to overdrive the signal of course

    You should be cutting frequencies to tweak not boosting them. This keeps clipping from happening. 

  2. Leave those gains at zero unless you can max out the hu. Then you can try increasing them. If you can't reach max volume don't adjust them down. Just note what volume you can't play over. Adjusting them down will prevent you from getting full pre out voltage. That is not normal for the equalizer. I've never heard of that before. As far as setting eqs, don't boost weak frequencies, cut the stronger ones. This will help you to avoid clipping your signal. Keep it flat to tune though. 

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