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  1. Not quite true SQ but not muddy or harsh whatsoever. You expect the trade-offs between high RMS and sound quality when dealing with pro Audio but not these. Most definitely worth looking into.
  2. Sat in this beast on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the CES showdown. This isn't a cram and jam big build... It was tuned extremely well considering how much equipment is in it. Vlad a cool ass dude too. I've been telling people how legit Alphard audio is. They sell their amps at the price they do simply to get out there. Their AAK Korean series amps are every bit as good as digital designs, Sundown, crossfire etc. Love Deaf Bonce equipment. They also might have the clearest best sounding pro audio speakers I've heard to date. And I'm not basing this off of this truck I run them in my navigator. Amps too.
  3. Well... Haven't had a sip since Thanksgiving of 17 ( wife's a bartender in Vegas for the last 13 years) had to chill. If I was pouring something up it'd be Crown special reserve, cheap cazadores tequila and or Miller. Sip sip... Guzzle.
  4. Let Dion build your box and you'll beat that 145 you posted last week. Haha lol
  5. Damn I need one of these for my secondary. This is exactly what Nations told me fit their bracket for my 04 Navigator.
  6. Any info on them? I could come up with something... I ain't scared! Haha I can't find any info on them
  7. I run a 15 in my Maxima. Pounds hard AF and gets pretty low. It's honestly a very good woofer but the basket is not the greatest looking imo. Definitely a major step up over the SA series. Better than hdc3 soundqubed by far too. Better than level 4 DC too... No bull
  8. Us amps 6000 for sale on Las Vegas offer up. Looks chrome. Says $4000 new... $1400. Just thought I'd let Big D Wiz know. 

  9. I actually called sundown earlier and spoke with technical support and he said the soft parts are indeed an upgrade as well as spider landing and voice coil size and build quality. Basket and megaroll surround are the main difference between the u and x.
  10. Performance wise I know they'll get lower and probably sound better. I just think at $$380 they should have the better baskets. The sa12 baskets are a lot better imo. In the $400 price range subwoofers shouldn't cut corners on the basket. A lot of people invert their subs. This is all jus opinion.
  11. I was at down4sound Monday getting an xp3000 battery and looked at the u series in person. They seem to have the same soft parts as the sa12's with a bigger motor and a 3" voice coil... The baskets suck balls too. Not really an upgrade over the sa12's imo
  12. I just ordered my g series for my Nissan Maxima. Curious as to the idle voltage and cruising voltage now. Lol good shit
  13. When you get an order for a 270 amp alternator headed to D4S in LV for a Nissan Maxima... That'll be me! Thank you in advance. Haha. Should be this week.
  14. What's crackin SMD forum. DiBo posting from the city of sin. Went to the ces showdown 2018 and was blown away so I decided to play with more watts... Had 1 sundown sa12 on a cheap kicker 1200.1cx and infinity mids and highs on a cheaper hifonics zues. Recently bought another sub and a couple Orion xtr amps ( 2500.1dZ & 1000.4 ) so I can get some baby slap going. Thought my shit hit hard till I sat in a few real spl vehicles!! Holy ish them things was super slappin like E.Honda. Anyways I'm 37 and not new to custom cars at all ( lowdriders for years) but always had a trunk full of pumps and batteries. OCD btw too lol so expect upgrades soon. Thanks for having me
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