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  1. When you get an order for a 270 amp alternator headed to D4S in LV for a Nissan Maxima... That'll be me! Thank you in advance. Haha. Should be this week.
  2. What's crackin SMD forum. DiBo posting from the city of sin. Went to the ces showdown 2018 and was blown away so I decided to play with more watts... Had 1 sundown sa12 on a cheap kicker 1200.1cx and infinity mids and highs on a cheaper hifonics zues. Recently bought another sub and a couple Orion xtr amps ( 2500.1dZ & 1000.4 ) so I can get some baby slap going. Thought my shit hit hard till I sat in a few real spl vehicles!! Holy ish them things was super slappin like E.Honda. Anyways I'm 37 and not new to custom cars at all ( lowdriders for years) but always had a trunk full of pumps and batteries. OCD btw too lol so expect upgrades soon. Thanks for having me
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