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  1. On 11/26/2020 at 7:18 PM, Kyblack76 said:


      Been a bit.... where is my old OG peeps.  Whats everyone been up to.... good, bad, the other... 

    Cheers, and hope all are well. 


    Not an OG in audio or the forums but I'm still at it. Daily 62's. Building a new sixth order right now in my Escalade. I remember I made a post saying trunk 150s when I first got on here hahahaha. Trunk 50's easy these days. Still having fun. 

  2. 6 hours ago, LT.Smoke said:

    After an unfortunate mishap with my CES alt .I got it back and reinstalled yesterday...Also deleted the under hood battery...Voltage is staying higher and more stable...Plus it bounces back faster after playing full tilt

    What are you running for electrical? 

    Edit. Limitless 45ah. How's it hold up during long demos on the Ampere 3.8k? What's the lowest you've seen?

  3. 48 minutes ago, LT.Smoke said:

    Well my car performed well for its maiden voyage at the TDH show this past weekend...I. brought home 4 1st places and 3 2nd places in multiple orgs...Only had an hour of testing on the TL prior to the show appearance. I am definitely happy with how it turned out...The car has more in it just have to get some meter time and dial it in more 

    What'd you meter? (Edit) just seen your score... Not bad... Not bad at all. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Artiflex said:

    Ok one last thing.  If these subs require 80sq in of port area as a pair then would that apply the same to the port on the 4th?  I've seen a lot of setups with big window port openings at like 12 x 20.for example.  Should I still make sure its 80sq in of area or just make it as large as it needs to be tuned at 45hz?  There is obviously no port walls needed but the opening size is what I am referring to.  I hope I am explaining this correct.

    70-80in² would work just fine. Port won't be long either due to higher tuning. Some people like to play with stackable ports to dial it in which is a good idea. This will be pretty straight forward. Not hard to build either. Even a bigger Port area on 4th orders is ok. Maybe... 90+in or so

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  5. See what I mean by bigger ratio is peakier? That's a 2.5:1 ratio. If you go 2:1.0 ratio it'd be less peaky. You'll get lows with the fourth without a doubt. The orange plotted enclosure is dead nuts and I wouldn't build a box tuned any less than 31hz. You just simply don't have to with zv5 subs. They play Lows tuned at 32 and 33 Hz no problem. the upper range of the 4th order is the whole point of building a 4th order. You'll be loud and play low. A lot lower than that graph is showing. That's just a general idea and other factors come into play. For the most part tho that is a pretty good indicator of your enclosure peak. You get the Lows from the sealed side so as long as you have sufficient power they will be there.

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  6. 3 hours ago, Artiflex said:

    Thank you sir.  Would it be beneficial to the low end by increasing the sealed size per sub without raising the chance in damaging the subs because of over excursion?  

    You'd be hard pressed to bottom these out in a 4th order lol. It'd take around 3000 watts per sub and some low lows to reach xmax on these. 


    2 hours ago, Artiflex said:

    I'd be running 2 zv5 12s on a ns1.  I'd like to be in a good range of 25 to 50hz if that's possible.

    Tune to around 44hz on your ported side and go with 2.5 sealed 5 ported for a nice 30hz total bandwidth. Like triticum said, you should model your enclosure with some design software. 4th orders are pretty straight forward. The bigger the ratio the peakier it'll be. The smaller the ratio the flatter the response. 2:1 usually yields a pretty desirable output. Feed the beasts! Good clean power. These subs sound great in 4th and 6th orders. 

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  7. If it we're me I'd set the gain on one amp without it being strapped then I'd strap the amps together and not mess with anything. The slave amp automatically falls in line with the master. I've heard that a weaker slave amp is bad because the master can cause the slave to clip. Seems a little extreme to me but it makes sense. It'd be nice if all amps came with a birth sheet haha. Just food for thought. 

  8. 25 minutes ago, cloucks87 said:

    yes.  would be a little more power with 2x 12’s.  but the 15’s get that low low bass.  i love the low frequency rumble.

    12's play lows. I have 4 in a Navi and they get just as low as my zv5 15 does. Go with Sundown tho for the low lows. Haha. EMF had a good you tube video about subs with the mega-roll surrounds and how they actually displace more air due to the significantly taller cone. Make no mistake about it, 12s will play the Lows if you tuned correctly. 

  9. 2-12's. More cone area with roughly the same sz enclosure and 2 amps to split the impedance rise. The two elite 12's handle more power also and would be more musical imo. 15 has a 3.5" coil so the 12's would be more efficient as well. 4400rms with more cone area as apposed to 3500rms with less cone area. 4k vs 3.5+k also. No brainier imo

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