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  1. My rear deck 2 8inch DD and 2 ds18 bullet tweets, front stage 2 6.5 DD and 2 ds18 bullet tweets my 4 ch stays on only my mono block amp shuts off, thanks for all the advice and the talk always know where to come when im stumped lol you guys are awesome im from alberta, canada
  2. NeB....I will check my ohms on my grounds as well thanks man and all I did to seal my trunk was use alot of dynamat and gorilla tape oh and a little bit of spray foam the box is pretty much built as wide as the trunk width from inside the car
  3. That's some awesome info snow drifter I will definitely take the steps you gave me hopefully that solves my problem thanks man
  4. You know, never enough bass..... im getting about 1.6 ohms from each sub there dual 1 ohm I have each wired to 2 ohms
  5. It only happens with the 8k my 4 ch stays on, my voltage doesn't drop much at full tilt drops to 13.4 and I have the amp is at 1ohm I've double check every connection coukd be ground location as well im going to try grounding in a different location. I think I know what it might be just from looking at the picture I noticed something that might be affecting the amp if you look at the right side of the trunk the strong arm drops pretty low I think that it could be pulling the power wires connected to the amp im going to do see if that's what it is. But DAMN I'm very happy how well the zv5's handle this power they barely get hot thanks for the reply man
  6. Hello guys I recently got a salt 8k I have 2 50ah B2 riot lithium batterys and a 320 amp alt, all ofc 1/0 power/ ground wire, big 3 is done. System was working beautifully then these little issues started happening, Id turn my car on the amp would be in protect so i took all the steps to get it out of protect, amp is back on and working next when at high volume the amp just shuts off I turn my deck off and power it back on and the amp is back on? I've checked all my wiring power,grounds fuses everything is tight and there's no exposed anything I cover my buss bars up with covers when everything is put back together still these issues keep going on? I'm totally confused on what it could be any help would be much appreciated my basshead brothers
  7. And yes it was from the sundown unofficial channel
  8. Awesome man this is some good information thank you
  9. Oh and another run ive seen the amp do 9027 rms @ 1ohm uncertified run to clippin will this be a problem if im fused @ 600amp
  10. Ok thats cool another thing is I've seen it on the dyno put out 7977rms will this pop the fuses if I fused @600amp? I'm just trying to make sure nothing goes wrong
  11. I've been looking everywhere and can't find a fuse rating for this amp? Anybody? Any input would be much appreciated thanks guys
  12. Thanks Mike ..... I have a 150.4 and my front 6.5s are Orion 250rms each and I've already blew one of them i accidentally put the bass boost up one notch my rear speakers are orion 8inch 500 rms each I think these are strong enough
  13. Ok I was just wondering about this, does the - db tracks make your system louder or do the +db make it louder I'm a little confused I have a dd1 coming and am just looking for some answers Any replys are much appreciated thanks
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