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  1. 12 hours ago, Backwoods said:

    Got em! Time to do some installing and tuning.



    Hell yeah glad they showed up! Im really wishing I'd find something out on mine. Im officially moved out from my house and have a 12 day stint at work coming. And cant get them to reply to any emails. So Im gonna have to try intercept them some how.  Or have them for pickup at the fedex facility.  Not sure if I can.  I know Fi is strict about their shipping.

  2. 1 hour ago, nickgoose said:

    So I take my kimber 1911 statement back. S&W 500 lmao



    Still one of the best gun videos I've watched on youtube lol..

    That there is one of the most painful firearms I've shot.  It just hurts, if you're not holding it prefect it's a bear. On a side note it's also a blast and well worth the punishment.

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  3. 10 hours ago, Phuzun said:

    Grounding that Pac will likely help with the whine if it is pulling the ground through the factory harness.  That gives you 6 RCAs right out of the headunit, right?  What 4 channel are you running?  

    Its 6 rcas yeah, im running an ampere 150.4

    9 hours ago, Backwoods said:

    Most people that drive fords whine at some point 🤣


    Try these steps to eliminate the engine noise/whine if grounding doesn't help...




    As for the voltage... 14.1 to 14.5 is nothing to be too concerned with. I got lithium and a HO alternator and cold I'm at 14.8 average. Varying between 14.6-15v Once it's warmed up I sit at 14v average. It varies between 13.9-14.2.... Before the PCM bypass I couldn't get over 13.5 cold and 13.1 hot, so I'm happy... 


    As far as being lonely... Get a dog... Cheaper than a woman, they complain less, and even when you screw up they're still happy to see you! :D



    I was just up late. Had a nice bout of insomnia lol. Im gonna ground that pac audio ap. Should help its pulling ground through the factory harness.

  4. Like the title says. Whats the one firearm that you could legally obtain right now that you would love to have? Like a firearm bucket list. I've been working on whittling down my firearm bucket list lately and am curious to what others bucket lists are. What makes me sick is the 2 stores that Im loyal to. Have had every single one left on my list come through in the last month. They move a lot of off the wall firearms.

    Left on my list

    1. Ptr 91

    2. FN PS90

    3. Cz Scorpion Evo3 S2 Micro

    4. HK Mr556

    5. Nemo Omen Recon 3.0 (300wm)

  5. 4 hours ago, Backwoods said:

    Hell yeah man..... Just got the update that I'm in the test and pack stage... Excited! 

    Time for me to tidy up some stuff. I still have alternator whine through my tweeters and its driving me crazy. Im going to do the big 4 tomorrow. I had 3 studs welded to the frame. Thinking that may help. Since its a good solid straight to the frame ground. We cleaned the paint off and got em on there good....still whines lol. I have my front battery neg to the frame, alternator mounting bolt to the frame, rear battery negative in a 2/0 run to the front battery negative, rear battery also to body. Tomorrow, im taking the "second" rear battery ground to the actual frame instead of the body. And adding a ground from the 2nd alt mounting bolt to the front battery negative. This mofo is gonna be grounded everywhere. Im using the factory radio with a Pac Audio Amp Pro. Its a 2014 Ford Raptor with the Sony factory system. So its a bit of a bitch to put in aftermarket. But it hits hard and sounds good so I can't complain too much. Im gonna get in there and ground the amp pro to its own ground as well. Its a plug n play device so we'll see how that goes over. Ive had hiss since I put in the 4 channel amp for the mids and tweets. It never goes away even with the rcas unplugged. So I'm thinking its a noisy amp. And I can deal with that.  But that damn whine has to go away. I get fluctuations in my voltage too I've noticed. Sometimes I'll ride 14.4 to 14.5 and other times it's 14.1 to 14.2 or .3. Its within operating range and it's probably just the regulator doin its thing but damn it aggrivates me lol. Working out all the bugs before the subs get here.  This is the biggest install I've done yet. I haven't done anything over 1500. So I want this fucker mint lol.


    TL:DR Im rambling because I can't sleep and I'm lonely lol

  6. 3 hours ago, Backwoods said:

    Where's the pictures man? 


    We love seeing stuff LOL

    Its not the best.  I used birch that lowes had on hand its only 7ply and I wasnt to happy about it. But had to make due. But this is the biggest box I've built. And fully expected to jack it up. If i like how it sounds in gonna order up some baltic birch from a local distributor. And make one all nice n perty. I didn't double wall the box as space is an issue in a supercab.  So hopefully it doesn't flex too much. Also that in hindsight I would've rather done shelf bracing rather than a window brace.  And I cut my window brace a little thin.  It looked GREAT till I hit it with the router.  That's when I was like "where'd it go!?"



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