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  1. 1. Product:(2) Incriminator Audio Lethal Injections 12-D42. Specs:1000 Watts3. Description/Condition:Great Condition. Around 5 to 6 Months of use on a IA10.1 amplifier. Spiders are still stiff on these subs. There is a ding on the motor (magnet) cover that was there from I got um so not sure if it was shipping or how it left the factory (see photos). These were in a 3 cu.ft sealed box for about 6 months before finding out there was a little one on the way, had to remove them for the baby seat.Because shipping on these will be expensive I perfer pick up only. If your willing to pay for shipping, I am willing to ship to upper 48 from Gainesville, FL4. Price: :$385.00 Both5. Pictures: Incriminator Audio 12s For Sale 9 (PICK UP ONLY) - Car Audio Classifieds! 1. Product: (2) Incriminator Audio Lethal Injections 12-D4 2. Specs: 1000 Watts 3. Description/Condition: Great Condition. Around 5 to 6 Months of use www.caraudioclassifieds.org I can take additional photo if needed.Thanks for looking in.
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