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  1. I am doin 2 builds 1 with 5 t1 12s on 8000 Watts. I am tryin to stay with 4 mids 6 max if.oossible. dont have a mid amp yet for wither system. Second system is.2 x sreies.sumdown 15s dont have p for 15s yet but going tongo with a sundown to match power rating of subs. I listen to all genres but mainly metal and rap what mids have yall haf the best luck with and highs as well? Thanks for all yalls input i have been out of the audio game for 25yrs gettin back into it finally.thanx and merry Christmas to all
  2. Thinki im goin with sundown u 18s ported @ 32 says 4 cu.ft what size box per sub qould yall say is best for them? I want to have.overall good musicality with deep.lows
  3. Is the sundown u series worth the extra cash? And the sa 18s show 4 cu ft per will they work good in 5 cu ft?
  4. Had 2 t1 15s to.put in s10.blazer but sold them due to 1 had a bad voice coil. Now lookin for some new 15s. Have up to 10 cu ft box i can build after displacement going ported lookin at 32 to.3t hz tuning depending on subs. Powering with sundown sfb 3k. Wanting good aound and as much flex as possible around 400 per sub. What are yalls suggestions? Im an old school rockford and vega guy. Have heard sundown before but never had them personally. Need some aubs i can use daily and beat on periodically that will last.
  5. Just got 2 t1 15s to.put.in my 89 s10 blazer. Puttin behind back seat wall style. Got subs at a steal. Have 2 box designs . 1 8.63 cu ft after sub displacement. The other is 10.23. Thinking tuned to 32 hz. I listen to all genres. Gonna run a rf 2500.1 on em. Want it to drill an all genres. What box size do yall think would be best and port size? Was.thinking round external.potts do to space issues
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