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  1. ok fair enough I totally get what you mean I think it was probably more of a vague statement just stating the sq seems to always start to drop off a fair bit after around that mark. i guess you would say giving an IDMAX 12 1000wrms is taking it to its not only its rated limits but also its mechanical limits as Ive heard they often dont seem to be able to handle much over the 1k mark. from what i mostly read with IDMAX 12 i would be guessing they mean ported at whatever cubes is usually said to be its best size for it, but assuming the statement probably meant for sealed also, and whatever. I just need to know if if there is validity at all to this claim, anybody who has had the driver surely would have a rough idea for sure if this quite obviously does or does not happen. Im sure if it does happen it still is a nice sounding sub, it just bcos youre feeding it so much amps that it happens. I just need to consider this factor before my next build. anybody who might have experience with this particular sub if the SQ drops at around 1000w and if so how much of it quality does it retain?
  2. Ive heard from someone but cant remember where that IDMAX 12's SQ starts to gets lost a fair bit after being powered beyond 750w RMS and that its SQ could be compared to the likes of a W7 when this happens. Is this true or whats your opinion on that pls, I really need to find this bit out?
  3. do you reckon 4.2 for the type x's would tidy up the sound alot? would I lose ALOT of the lows like how dramatic would the loss in lows be going from 5.0 to to 4.2 assuming i keep the aeroports tuned to the same tuning roughly? also what would be a perfect size aeroport box for 2 x IDMAX 12's to shine at their best low and loud in your opinion? they would be running off the alpine amps 1k each. *edit: btw current box worked out to be 4.45 cubes after recalculation of displacements, also would 2 x 4" aeroports be ok for the dual type x subs AND dual idmax or will 3 x 4" aeroports be better suited? Is there any way to add mdf inside my current box to reduce volume temporarily so I can remove it if I dont like it? Ok so scrap all of that the type x has a MUCH bigger displacement than type r even though they look roughly same size and shape, so my box is 5.02314 cu ft. Net, the ports are 16.11" which works out as 0.148 displacement for them each and type x 12 is 0.194 displacement so say 0.184 with my double baffle. All comes down to 4.21114 cu ft. Ok so I now see I cant really improve on box size for the type x 12's to achieve really anything! Oh well... On the plus side I guess my current box will be about perfect for a set of IDMAX 12's , all I have to do is order and then install as their amps are ready too. My guess is once you get the lows coming from the type x in a ported situation vs a type r (less lows) it adds a muddyness? reduce lows = cleaner sound? Any opinions or advice is appreciated. They still sound heaps better and cleaner than the type r's, just seem to have a muddying affect on the rest of my speakers and overall SQ worse than the type r's did. weird. must be the added lows i reckon?? IDMAX will have cleaner lows for sure... hopefully their lows are as strong as the type x's (pls advise the anwser anybody who know this) *edit again: Subsonic filter was on 15hz 12db, where I have it normally set for these amps, now turned to "Off". Muddyness has gone Overall SQ goes up through the roof Bass suffers slightly but has more impact but is a bit headachey upon listening to it again later have totally gotten used to the bass, it sounds clearer, punchier and much better, no headache at all Overall SQ and Bass SQ VERY good
  4. hmmm ok, yeah im not really worried about tuning because the tuning reminded me straight away of where I had the type r's and i fiddled with that for so long and decided i would want to go up or down. I dont think I would change it no matter where it end up being as i like the tuning exactly there for the type x and type r's, I dont like the response on either side of that tuning for them. Im thinking that a reduction in box size might be it, just the sound sometimes makes me think they are trying a bit too hard in that box. Just sounds like its dying to tighten up a little, especially up loud but its weird I notice with lower volumes the sound blending I get a crisper, cleaner sound with the type r's even though the overall SQ is alot less. With the type x's I get alot better SQ overall and bass wise but the bass and overall sound is more murky. I have mid-tier DDLinier Tweeters and Crossovers and VERY old school "Highly Praised" Polk's for Mids up front with a set of those gold DB Polks coax's with a cap upgrade in the back all running of a MRV-F345 V12 amp and the sound is pretty damn decent especially coming out of that Alpine W900E head deck. My theory is I think that the type x's are getting pushed to their "extra low low" limits by that box being forced to go even a bit lower than they probably would like to and I just need to tighten its size up to even a 4.5-4.6 and they would be much happier. I get what your saying though to reduce the size would probably only be a small improvement, I wonder if I did make another box to say 4.5 would I lose much lows or basically none? Thats really the deal-breaker for me I guess, another box would not be hard to make but ill try to avoid it if it is a better decision. Its disappointing I was under the impression that the Type X 12 was like a happy 2nd place for SQ guys to JL W6 12's and then like they were saying Fi Q was about the same SQ as Type X but it was a cheaper made sub. So being that the type x got louder than W6's and was easier to source I just went with them, only to realize now that I want 2 x IDMAX 12's. When I was hearing all this about the top SQ subs I kinda assumed that the Image Dynamic subs must have fell below this rank of those 3, so I didnt bother looking at that them. But now I realize IDMAX is better sounding, lower and louder than JL W6 and Fi Neo so thats what I will get once I get the $2,200AUD up to buy them. I would have never found a set of them second hand around here anyways and i got both type x's for under 800 (brand new btw) so I guess I cant complain really, I just thought they would sound a bit better. Could I ask a recommendation for an Aeroport box size for 2 x IDMAX 12's running at 1k each, hitting very low and loud please? I have to make this Type X situation work for the interim though. *edit: Fi Q/ Neo is louder and probably lower than IDMAX but IDMAX's SQ is way better and will definitely get loud enough for me so it totally wins over the Fi Neo option for me with it sounding much better and all and gets plenty loud.
  5. Ok so I have got the 2 x Type X 12's in that same box now, running off 2 single Alpine MRD-M1005 amps, got a question, box is about 5 cubes after displacements and I find the sound on the type x seems a tad off to me, not too bad however. Its tuned to 33hz currently and that is perfect tuning for me but curious is 2.5 cubes per type x 12 a little bit too big, like do i need to make another box at about 4.4 cubes or something for better sq? The just sound a tad muddy, like much better sq than the type r's but a little bit more muddy. weird? Both type x subs are brand new btw, they are the older type, they had just been sitting in somebody's garage. I did break them in for quite a few hours over a couple of days before putting much volume to them, just to soften them up after sitting for so many years. Do they just need to break in a bit more for better sound?
  6. ok so just to clarify, the port length I was thinking was about 35.6hz was actually 33.8hz cos i didnt minus the sub disp. for some unknown reason (musta been really late) when i did that calculation. So i reckon I will prefer 33hz if too many freqs dont drop off to my liking. Im gonna try for 30hz and just keep fine tuning upwards from there. Hopefully 30hz is to my liking, definitely need to get it a bit lower if i can. 33.8 sounds pretty damn nice though, just needs to be a bit lower.
  7. OMG thank you so much for that Triticum, wow now I can finally use winISD. Gonna be able to build some nice boxes now. Thanks again. @ 1point21 yeah Big Ass Ports have some nice gear, unfortunately no international shipping. The only Aeroports you can get over here in Australia is ones you make yourself from PVC pipes. I reckon Im gonna build that box with 2 x 6" Aeroports, stuff it, just to make it correct, but it will cost me over $220 to build so Im kinda putting it off for a while. Need cash at the moment.
  8. Ok so I thought I had better update this news, there is no more resonance from any of the ports, at any volumes. Im a little embarrassed to inform that I accidently had the remote wire connected to the PWR ANTENNA Blue wire at the back of the Head Unit for one of the Mono Amps, I normally would never do anything like this because Im so careful with wiring and I always thought that there was only one blue wire behind the Head Unit that was the remote wire, as I had a Blue extension wire coming from the short Blue and Yellow Remote wire which I had one amp attached to and then another amp tapped to that blue wire further along, so I thought I was just splicing onto that first amp but instead the second Mono amp was only coming on when Radio was selected, of course I was always tested loud play with USB mode selected, which is when resonance occurred. I was troubleshooting a screen problem on the amp at the time I was talking on here as I thought it was just the screen and the amp was still running as there was ALOT of excursion coming from the non-powered sub, but yeah a fair bit less than the powered sub, I kinda thought this was just because of the massive ports behind only that sub. Another reason as when selecting different LPF and subsonic toggles I was POSITIVE I heard a change from the affected sub, so I assumed it was just the screen going out occasionally and kept going with it. It actually sounded not too bad, more muddy but very similar to the working twin subs. Very Deep and Low. So yeah, I eventually worked it out and the amp is going all the now and wow tidied up the sound really nicely, not quite as Low (well the lows are better and probably as deep but just sounds different, hard to explain) at tuning but better sound, and best yet no resonance at all out of any of the ports. Very happy with it, I hear a very small amount of port noise but yeah not chuffing or really can pick up on anything sound wise. Like you said should be nothing drastic, just a little bit, just like you said. Thank you heaps for all of your help mate. Im not needing to build the 2 x 6" port box now so I wont bother as Im quite happy with the sound Im getting out of my current box and would guess basically no change to performance or sound by rebuilding. Im thinking of dropping tuning a bit to say 34-34.5hz but I get the feeling Ive got it about as low as Im going to get it with tuning to my liking, maybe not much frequencies will drop off at 34.5-35Hz but lows will obviously improve. I will try 32Hz and go up from there, but I doubt that I will like 32??
  9. Oh, the only thing I cant work out for winISD is the first bit when it asks for driver info, I cant seem to enter in the parameters manually correctly, it always comes up wrong, is there a good video to explain or where do I get the files for common subs like Alpine SWR-1242D for winISD? Mainly just want to know what you reckon about my new box for the type x's? A bit too big? or nah should be fine with that tuning?
  10. Ive heard that you can only just get the Type X subs as loud as the Type R subs, even though they have twice the amount of power going to them I guess that is because they are SQ subs and are more quiet than you would think but still will get very loud. Im still going to make the 2 x 6" Aero box for my type r's just curious if the type x subs move a similar amount of air as the type r subs and would work best with 2 x 6" Aeros. Ahh I get it now, just then while I was typing lol, so 2 x 6" isnt going to be like WAY too much for the type x's because they are so similar in air movement, as in there would be no point restricting the subs to 3 x 4" aeros cos 2 x 6" will be fine for them even its a tad over and then my new box is more versatile with letting me put other subs in it if i ever decided i actually wanted to do that. Its just the point isnt it, why go back to the 3 x 4" like ever if it wouldnt ever need to use it again. So its a new box with 2 x 6" Aeroports for both types of Alpine subs! So it turns out my box is actually 4.5 cu ft now since I put the shorter Aeroports in (35.6Hz), originally was 31.6Hz, so at my current tuning and box size Im really happy with the sound and decided to make the new box the same size and tuning because of this, but just reading up now on forums on box size for type x subs people are saying 2-2.2 cu ft per sub max and not too go any bigger or it will sound sloppy, they say 2-2.2 but aim for 2 cu ft. Whats your thoughts on this? Is my box a little bit too large at 4.5 cubes for the type x or would my higher tuning make that not an issue at all, which is what im kinda thinking, those guys were all talking about 28-30hz tuning. Because my reason for tuning higher is also so i still get the more normally heard bass freqs not cut out like at 32Hz, I cant stand them being cut out. But anything to still give me those deep lows at a higher tuning is very good. Because if I have to make a separate box at 4.3 cu ft for the type x's i will but would prefer to use my design for 4.5 cu ft. Btw, I use the12volt.com for box volume calculator, PSP calculator for multiple port lengths, this JL website for round port displacement: https://jlaudio.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/224938887-Calculating-Enclosure-Volume-. I know from the manual that sub displacement is 0.071 for the type r swr 1242D and i just say 0.061 cos of my 18mm and 16mm baffles, im not sure how to work that one out so i just guess. I dont think the err amount would affect much. Original box size: 34.05"(w)x18.66"(h)x17.04"(d) (4.54414 cu. ft. after all disp. - 3 x 13.04" Aeroports (minus flare length), new box size: 34.4"x18.64"x18.04" (4.56957 cu. ft. after all disp. 2 x 18.42" Aeroports (minus flare length)). I would use WINisd but i can never work out how to enter the parameters properly, i think there are files i can just import or something that fills that area in so then i can do box design properly and know velocities and stuff, but because i couldnt get past that bit i had to just give up, i kinda knew what sort of box size i needed and stuff so i just did it like that. Can you help me in that area please? How do I use WINisd, properly? Dont worry if its too hard to explain.
  11. Ok cool, sounds good. I get what you mean. Im definitely going to build the same box with 2 x 6" Aeroports at least for the type r's and I get what your saying about the net volume and tuning, so that will all remain the same so the way the bass sounds and feels will also remain the same only with ALOT less resonance and annoying sounds. Thanks heaps for your help! Just curious what is the perfect size and amount of Aeroports to have in the same size/shape box for 2 x Alpine Type X 12's running off 2 x Alpine MRD-M1005 Amps? Im guessing that it would be 2 x 6" but just need to clarify. Or would my current box be more suited for them? The gains will be set high, one or two notches back from clipping and Alpine's "Subwoofer System 2" will be set to "On", always. And a medium amount of Bass Boost will be used just to a safe level without distortion or clipping. Not sure if you need to know that bit but basically I will be attempting to power the subs as hard as I possibly can without distortion or clipping with those two amps and I will never change those gains, ever. It will always be set that way from the day I put them in. Cheers mate!
  12. ok cool so a slot port kinda seems as though it might not be a bad idea then. Ive gotta admit though I do really like the Aeroports now and will try to stick with them in future builds if I can get away with it, just something about them, fun to work with i guess, I really like them. Ok so going with the 2 x 6" Aero's (which I was going to do but by the posts I read I decided on 3 x 4", people were suggesting that the 2 x 6" might be a tiny bit too big, kinda with not really saying it in so many words though - I guess cos Im giving them a fair bit more power than probably what they were talking about?, plus I can give em alot more gain before clipping as the amps have really clean power - MRD-M605's birth sheets show around 660w @ 2 Ohms) what are any of the problems I might run into with them being too big like what about when Im listening to music at low levels or anything like that is there any advantages at all to have the 3 x 4" Aeros at like would the bass be a little bit tighter or something, is it possible the the 6" aeros would be a bit too loose in some situations? Actually I think Im getting what you mean now (just while i was typing that lol, still answer the question though please), even at lower high volume levels i notice some of that grinding resonance but not too much, its kinda just subtle, so that is literally starting out of the port from just that little bit too much port restriction?? OMG I get it now, just please answer all that questions though as if the sound will be a bit too loose im not sure about building it. So I can just modify my design very slightly to accommodate the wider ports behind both subs, man this thing is going to look badass, i will nearly be able to fit my head in them lol. Is there really any downside for me to go this route, like will bass be too boomy, less SQ, too much free air excursion, less tight bass impact feeling in my back when im in the drivers seat, i really like it to rattle my eyes and mirrors as much as possible if i was to loose that it would be not really worth it IMO - like when i tuend it to 31.6hz i noticed i lost the rattling of my head and mirrors too much so i stayed away from that - i dont like it, etc, anything you can think of will be appreciated. Oh and TBH I am already planning to upgrade the 2 x MRD-M605's to 2 x MRD-M1005's and change out the subs to 2 x Alpine Type X 12's so i need to build the box for these too really even though I am meant to be slowly accumulating the amps and subs over time, i already have my eyes on 2 of the amps and looking for ways to purchase them this month. will these subs go better with the 3 x 4" ports or the 2 x 6" ports? Like can I sell this box with the 3 x 4" aeros or should i keep it for the type x's? Cos there is really no point me building anything that wont be absolutely perfect for the type x's as well. everything else in my setup will be exactly the same.
  13. hey gday mate, cheers for helping me out. sorry for posting too much irrelevant shit before i guess i just got a bit too carried away... ok so im actually hearing what your saying now, if I increase the port size the resonance will go away. I guess it would be in my interest to design a slotted port to get the exact size right, first question though as to be honest Im kinda set with using Aeroports if I can get away with it, you said that my ports were slightly undersized - how much are we talking? Would 2 x 6" Aeroports at my tuning (35.5Hz) be too much? If so by how much and would this impact me negatively? I guess 4 x 3" Aeroports is still an option? Also I noticed with the Alpine Brand sub box you get with my subs I immediately get harsh cracking-style rattles in the cabin when the bass kinda hits hard like impact, it was almost like the slot which is under the box is getting hit, then hitting the moveable floor (which would normally cover a spare wheel or whatever, with the Rav it just covers other shit) which the sub box has to sit on in the cargo area behind the rear seats. I mean thats where the cracking starts I think but its VERY noticeable around the dash and sunvisor area, and headliner too, which is where it really annoys me. And when I swapped back over to my pre-fab box with a single 4" aeroport the cracking stopped immediately, only so by the difference in the way the aeroport plays the bass smoothly as opposed to flat (slotted port), not to try to pick on Slotted vs Aeroports at all, im just saying that this difference seemed the best way to go with my build as the slotted port seemed to really highlight all the rattley spots in my car MUCH worse. Am I right in thinking this is my problem there with the Rav4? Keep in mind I have already gone over the car fairly extensively fixing rattling areas with decent success before comparing the Alpine slotted box that I got with the 2nd Alpine Sub, so I kinda just immediately went f*%$ well I dont really want a slotted design then do I... It just seems to me that air wants to really crack out a slotted port very hard no matter where it would be positioned on the box, not necessarily a bad thing but I think with the Rav4 this might be not a good thing basically? Not sure? Oh and I also have Alpine's Subwoofer System 2 always turned on so I guess that might add to excursion a fair bit, its a Navigation Head Unit from 2010 not a single din one. My trick with the removeable floor rattling in the back is to pull the box right back nealy to the rear cargo door and it doesnt seem to make much noise if you do that, btw this did not work with the Alpine Brand pre fab box. Any ideas on how to make a floor like that no so rattley?
  14. Alpine's "Subwoofer System 2" might be making undue resonance by raising bass frequencies beyond where they are meant to be also?? Is this the general consensus?
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