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  1. What would be a good amp for 2 sundown sa 12d4 v2's haven't really upgraded electrical yet just did my grounds with 0 gauge that's it so far I'm running a sfb1500 right now but I know these subs can handle more

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    2. Never Enough Bass

      Never Enough Bass

      Ok thanks yea I'm running a sfb 1500d right now and at lights or in park when the rpms are under a grand it clips but as soon as I give it gas it doesn't and I'm not even dropping below 13.5 which is the crazy part I have the amp gain at around 41 42 AC volts I think that's only the 1750 it's rated at 1 ohm I believe but I'm definitely gonna drop the extra money so I'm not just buying band aids that are only gonna work for so long

    3. Never Enough Bass

      Never Enough Bass

      You might wanna upgrade those windows with all that power lol

    4. Dafaseles


      Lol. 4 12's in a 6th order blow through in a 2011 Silverado on about 10k at the most. Unfortunately, my windows should be safe🤣 except with the way the rear of my cab flexes, after the upgrade the back window might be in danger 🤣🤣🤣

      The great thing about having a quality high output alternator is that even at low RPM's, it'll still give out a decent amount of power. And what's better than slapping at a stop light? 

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