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  1. And I will add that I have heard a lot about how well equipped the E46 body line is electronically. Seems like most people just upgrade the alternators and batteries on them when using big subs...... I'll have to do some more research though on that.
  2. Very interesting. I know it'll be a pain in the ass for my car, considering that the battery is located in the trunk. It seems like the alternator to positive battery connection would take some hassle to install. Definitely will keep in mind though, especially if I upgrade to something a little bigger. Also, not too sure I believe their fuel economy claims in all honesty .
  3. That's the plan! I just wanna feel this out a bit before I upgrade and start to shake my neighbors windows . Doing a ton of overhaul and maintenance on the car this summer, so the more economical the better! You've been a saint with helping me out man. I'm sure I'll have questions on installing it but I'll come to that bridge later.
  4. It's so hard to tell honestly. In my research of different brands over the past week, some people love a certain brand, some people hate them. I think I might just go for it this summer and install the Skar. I don't need window shaking bass currently, and money is a factor too of course. It's only $250 for the whole kit and it'll be good for experience. I'm sure I'll end up upgrading within a year or so though. I appreciate you helping with this stuff man.
  5. Alright cool. I'm very new to the whole amp+ sub setups so I wanted to check with you guys before I jumped in headfirst. Do you think this little setup is a good beginner/ budget choice? I've heard mostly good things about almost all of the Skar products.
  6. Yes. The head unit would be stock, the amp for the rest of the audio systems is stock as well. I watched a few videos on the wire splicing for an e46 and most of the videos used a PAC SNI-35 Variable LOC So it can just run the RCA lines included with *most* amp wiring kits. So stock amp-> aftermarket amp -> sub. The battery and stock amp are located in the trunk of an e46, just a FYI.
  7. Hey everyone, I'm brand new here and had a question about a Skar sub. I'm pretty new to aftermarket sound systems as well, so any help is great. So I am looking for a budget setup for my 325i E46, non Harman Kardon, and found this Skar SDR- 1X8D2 8 inch sub with an amp kit. I am wondering if this would be strong enough to hear for my car, as I have heard that the trunk is very well sound insulated due to the steel plating behind the seats. Some guides said that a sub that is in the 200-300 RMS range would be needed, and this little 8" is 350 RMS, so I'd assume it would work out we
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